Post Offer Induction Working Group, Dr Ellie Herrington

Post offer induction
working group
Dr Eldrid Herrington
Head of the International Student
Rene Magritte, The Great Adventure (1938-39)
• ~2100 'international'
students (EU and OS)
• also internationalize H
student experience
• Two recommendations
to EG in January 2013:
– Examine ‘induction’
– Internationalize the
• HEA - first six weeks are critical
• Some students enrol late
• Must resource a redress as
impact on retention and
• UK context
• Note that recruited and admitted
in several different ways
• Students surprised at how
international the college is and
the nature of the specific
composition - we should be up
front about this and relate it
positively to fashion
John Armstrong, Shut (1939)
• Competition to sense of
• Home students
overwhelmed by it as
• LCF - six sites
• Dispersal puts more
pressure on virtual
• Living situations,
isolation, expense
• NUS / UKCISA - awards
go to campuses
Johan Homann, Aerial Map of London (1730)
distinctions from Study Abroad
Not commercial
Bespoke attention from personnel
Luxury of accommodation
Contact time
terms of reference
• To advise the Student Life
Subcommittee on induction and
orientation practices, defined
holistically as encompassing post
offer, pre-arrival through to in-term
activities and as encompassing
welfare, information, communication,
social and academic aspects for all
students irrespective of nationality;
• To establish best practice and assist
with the embedding such practice
across the College;
• To develop costings for induction
activities and materials where
Sibyl Andrews, Mowers (1937)
QAA guidance and terms
• Marketing and
• Admissions
• Pre-arrival
• Orientation
• Academic induction
• Specialist careers
support for
international students
integrated layers
• QAA: prearrival v academic v
• UAL layers: agents, recruitment,
UAL, College, School,
programme, course
• Bureaucratic, academic, social
• Prearrival - different guides
• Website - make greater use of
what is there
The Islam Khodja minaret, Khiva, Uzbekistan (1910)
picture of induction areas
shared documents
Pre-departure guides
ISHE and ‘induction’
‘giving information’
• Enduring problem information given to
students but
• In bulk - unable to
process, exhausting,
• Do not understand
significance at time
• Hard to find
what kind of information
Albert Herbert, Seeking Treasure Blindfold (1999)
• Information - one off
(registering with police,
what is a hem) v what they
need to return to (study
support, student services)
• Stage information
• Repeat with intelligent
• Make interactive
• Required reading
• Involve peer learning
question of language
• English is not one thing and no
correspondence between
written and spoken
• bureaucratic, bespoke to UAL,
UK - ISHE, course handbooks, eg
• Academic - ISHE
• Research, analysis, independent
learning - most difficult to
adjust to
• Subject based - opportunity for
pooling and showcasing
• Pop culture – interactions
Pieter Bruegel the Elder, Tower of Babel [detail] (1563)
• Staff clarity around stages, good
practice, opportunities
• Interactivity
• Runway
• Beautiful and compelling design
• Memorable events
• Small things - dinners
• Difficult things - group work - how
set up intercultural
• Pictures of people – make visual
• Make personal
• Presessional – H/OS interactions
• Institution and SU
• Students involved in induction
Ron Waddams, We the Peoples... (1984)
Carved Tusk, Congo (19th c)

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