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London Chamber of Commerce
Asian Business Opportunities
The Leadership Team
Joaquim Balles, President
Lily Wang, Sciencetech Inc.
Gerry Macartney, CEO
Cheryl Chambers, OM
Kristen Duever, Comm.
The Committee Members Include
Joaquim Balles
Lily Wang
Dr. John Denstedt
John Parker
Mayor Joe Fontana
Grant Hopcroft
Peter White
Ron Harris
Jeff Mcoun
James Gardiner
Gus Kotsiomitis
Dean Michael Strong
Henry He
Alex Lau
Mrs. Kimberley Chesney
Mr. Barry Cleaver
Ms. Wendy Curtis
Mr. Surinder Suri
Mr. John Timmerman
Mr. John Spenler
Mr. Gerry Macartney
Trudell Medical (Chair)
Sciencetech-Inc (Vice-Chair)
CSTAR (Canadian Surgical Technologies & Advanced Robotics)
City of London
City of London
London Economic Development Corp.
Jones Packaging
London Life/Great West Life Insurance
Bank of Montreal
Royal Bank Group
Schulich School of Medicine
Beijing Dacheng Law Offices
TD Waterhouse Private Clients Services
Prime Management Group Inc.
Siskinds Law Firm
Fanshawe College
Global Economic Management & Associates
Starlim North America
Phoenix Interactive Inc.
London Chamber of Commerce
Committee Objectives
• To build and grow the ABOC committee into a sustainable part of
the Chamber’s future for the betterment of its members, the
wider business community in London and its economic prosperity.
• To provide information/education to both London’s Business
Community and those seeking commercial business opportunities
in Asia in keeping with Objectives #1 and #5 of our Strategic Plan.
• To maintain a liaison between public and private officials in Asia
and their counterparts in Canada in order to aid Objective #2
(above) and to facilitate further commercial opportunities,
inbound and out.
• Introduce networking opportunities for the Asian Business
Opportunities Committee (ABOC) members and their guests with
other Chamber members and groups both here and in Asia.
Strategic Priorities
• Attract and retain a membership that reflects London’s diversified
Asian business community.
• Capitalize on business connections between ABOC members and
associates located in Asian countries to better improve our own trade
prospects and attract Foreign Direct Investment to London.
• Establish, maintain, and grow a repository of information: (i) about
Asian business opportunities for access by our members in both
electronic and hard copy formats; and (ii) about London business
opportunities for access by members from Asian Chambers that have
entered into a cooperation agreement with the London Chamber.
• Focus on those Chambers that we have signed a cooperation
agreement or MOU with us to date, i.e. Sichuan Chamber of
Commerce, Chongqing Private-Owned Business Association etc.
Program Plan
Establish communications link with: (i) partner Chambers in China and other
Asian countries that have entered into a cooperation agreement with us; and
(ii) government entities responsible for international trade in China, such as
but not limited to the CCPIT (China Council for Promotion of International
Organize seminar(s) for members and guests re: How to do Business With/In
China and other Asian countries as our opportunities and relationships
Through ABOC assist with facilitation of international trade with China and
other Asian countries that can lead to greater investments
Look for opportunities to match companies here in London (area) with
counterparts in China/Asia
Engage the Canadian Chamber of Commerce to build on what we have
established and broaden our scope and reach with their counterparts in
ABOC will act as a point of contact for China/Asia business opportunities for
London but will defer political and contractual obligations to the appropriate
local stakeholders such as the LEDC and CSTAR where/when appropriate
Doing Business with/in
China Seminar
Small- and medium-sized businesses have always driven
the fortunes of London’s economy and can do so again
when it comes to investment opportunities with
companies in China.
That was one of the messages officials with the London
Chamber of Commerce hope their members took away
from a seminar on Friday (March 9) at the organization’s
meeting centre on Pall Mall Street.
“This is an attempt to give them a broader understanding of
how to do business with China, some experiences shared by
folks who have been there,” Macartney said. “We have a very
well established Chinese business community right here in
London. If we can take advantage of some of those links, some
of those connections, it will no doubt grow our economy in
The event attracted more than 60 individuals to listen to the
words of a panel of experts on opportunities not only for
export of goods and services to China, but also investment
opportunities by Chinese companies in the Forest City.
Team London Signs Important MOU
November 2011
Advancing our Economic Ties with China
Canadian Chamber of Commerce delivers key document
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