Teachers 2014-2015 - Mrs. Haefner`s 2nd Grade Class!

Second Grade
Heathrow Elementary School
Meet the
• Mrs. Marisa Ballard
• Miss Sophia Trapani
• Mrs. Michelle Haefner/
Ms. Julie Bahr
Mrs. Sonya Witham
Mrs. Trisha Roney
Ms. Kimberly Vose
Mrs. Vicki Coats
Let our ARMOR Shine!
Always help others
Respect all
Make safe choices
Outstanding character
Responsible thinking
Arrival Procedure
• Second Grade Students will gather in
the Music Room 1st thing in the
• They will enter their classrooms at
• Tardy Bell rings at 7:55am.
Transportation Home
We will send your child home the way they
always go home, unless…
– You have written a note telling us
– You have called the front office and they
have notified us to send your child home
another way.
We utilize the Planners VERY much in 2nd Grade.
• We are teaching the students organizational skills
by using the planners daily.
• It is an exceptional form of communication
between the teacher and the parents.
• Please be sure to read over and sign your child’s
Planner to check for notes DAILY.
Testing and Letter
All of the 2nd Grade teachers try to keep our testing
consistent throughout the school year. The students will
become very familiar with the format of the tests.
70-79 Average
60-69 Paper must be signed and returned!
59-0 Paper must be signed and returned!
Language Arts grade will be weighted.
10% Spelling
90% LA Skills and Writing
Graded Work
Graded papers will be sent home on a regular basis.
If there are any papers 69% and lower, they MUST
be signed, corrected, and returned to school.
Please sign the parent signature form in the back of
the BLUE Thursday folder and return to school on
Friday. This indicates to us that you have seen and
gone over your child’s work.
English Language Arts
120 Minutes Total
Whole Group Lesson
Independent Work
Literacy Centers
Small Reading Groups with teacher
Reading Street and a variety of Trade Books
Reading Assessments
- Discovery Education - DE
- Fresh Reads
- Comprehension Tests
RIDE to Reading
(remediation, intervention, differentiation,
• 30 minute intervention/ enrichment groups
• Students are assessed in 2-4 weekly increments.
• Based on the progress monitoring, students are
grouped depending on skills and ability.
• Teachers teach small group specific skills.
• Students rotate between the 2nd grade teachers.
• Teachers take turns teaching the different skills.
• Words go home on Monday.
• Test will be on Friday.
• There will be one Spelling homework
assignment each week.
• Please practice with your child throughout
the week.
• Daily Writing at school and at home
• Writing is incorporated into all of the subject
• Students will be expected to write complete
sentences and paragraphs.
• Writing Skills: Ideas, Organization, Voice,
Sentence Fluency, Word Choice, and
• Please make sure you review basic
Addition & Subtraction facts up to 20
with your child daily.
• Login and password information to
• Science Fusion
• The Science and Math will be linked
through Think Central.
• Login and password information to
Social Studies
Foundations of government
Famous Americans
(Computer, Art, Music, PE)
Coach Snodgrass, Coach Adams, Mrs. Matos
Mrs. Rothman-Tait– ETF, Mrs. Smith—Music,
Ms. Schmidt – Computer and Literacy, Ms. Juaristi—Art
Mileage Club
• This year your child will go to
Mileage Club every
• Lunch menu will NOT be passed out at school. Please
go to www.scps.k12.fl.us to access menu.
You are welcome to come to school to eat lunch with your
child at the picnic tables.
• Due to the limited number of seats in the lunch room, the
picnic area has been designated for your convenience.
• Please check the weather before you come!
• You may only eat with your child.
• This begins after September 2nd.
*This is a GREAT reward for your child! 
• You are welcome to send in a treat for your
child’s birthday.
• PLEASE send individual treats (cupcakes,
cookies or brownies)(No Cakes/Cookie Cakes)
• LIKE ITEMS (ALL chocolate or ALL vanilla)
• NO goody bags or drinks
• Discuss the date you would like to send in the
treats ahead of time with your child’s teacher.
(Many students have food allergies)
Parties and Classroom
Drop-off Celebrations
“Official” Parties
Room Mom will help
teacher to organize
these events
Dividends will be
Winter Party
End of the Year Party
Classroom Celebrations
• No dividends are
• No Goody Bags
• Fall Drop Off
• Valentine’s Drop Off
• Birthdays
Field Trips
• Play
• Sea World
• Chaperones must have filled out the
DIVIDEND application online, and have
been approved at least 3 weeks prior to
the trip.
• Don’t wait, do it today! 
Monitor Student-Owned Data
with Evidence of Parent
• Students own their data and parents understand the data
What to look for:
• School Leaders ensure that students track their own
data, teachers track and celebrate data, and parents
understand the assessments and data
• Teachers will develop common tracking and monitoring
systems and meet with students and parents to discuss
• Students will track and understand their own data and
communicate with their parents through student led
conferences and other methods.
Close the Achievement
• There are high expectations for all students to achieve
through rigorous, engaging and culturally relevant instruction
• What to look for:
– School Leaders will analyze disaggregated data, provide
needed professional learning and assign students and
teachers for optimal success
– Teachers will plan for differentiated instruction to address
student needs and demonstrate a growth mindset
– Students will be held to high expectations and work with
teachers and staff who believe in their ability to succeed
and celebrate their success
Ramp Up Professional
Learning Communities
• Effective Professional Learning Communities are
a critical component of the success of the school
What to look for:
– School Leaders will ensure that teachers have the
time and support necessary to work as invested and
effective professional learning communities
– Teachers will analyze data from common
assessments, plan instruction, engage in professional
learning, and address the four guiding questions of
– Students will receive targeted instruction in all subject
areas and during intervention/enrichment
Unpack the Florida
• Students, Parents, Teachers and School Leaders
understand the Florida Standards
What to look for:
– School Leaders will ensure that teachers have access to the
standards, the time and support to dig deeply into the standards
to fully understand the instructional shifts, expectations and new
assessments, and ensure that parents and students also
understand the standards
– Teachers will develop rigorous lessons based on the Florida
Standards and implement them with the most effective
instructional practices from the SCPS Instructional Model
– Students will engage in close reading, writing in all subject areas
(40 minutes a day), deep conceptual understanding of core
mathematics, and higher order thinking
• Please join your child’s
teacher in the classroom
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