Insure Tennessee Presentation for THA Members

Insure Tennessee
Insure Tennessee proposal
Hospital role in funding
Who benefits
Outreach plans
Insure Tennessee Proposal
• Alternative Medicaid expansion approach
focused on:
– Personal responsibility
– Cost
– Healthcare reform
• Provide health insurance coverage to more than
200,000 uninsured Tennesseans who earn less
than 138 percent FPL
• Creates no new taxes thanks to commitment
from Tennessee’s hospitals
Insure Tennessee Proposal
• Insure Tennessee is the next step in
Tennessee’s Delivery System Reform Initiative,
which launched in 2013
• The main focus of the initiative to date has been
on aligning incentives at the provider level
through payment reform
• Insure Tennessee is designed to align incentives
at the consumer level by promoting personal
Insure Tennessee Proposal
Insure Tennessee Proposal
• Insure Tennessee will leverage the enhanced federal
funding which will pay for between 90 and 100 percent of
the cost.
• Once the federal match decreases below 100 percent in
2017, Tennessee hospitals have committed to covering
the state’s portion of the cost.
• The program will automatically terminate in the event
that either federal funding or support from the hospitals
is modified in any way.
Insure Tennessee Proposal
• The plan must be approved by the
Tennessee General Assembly and receive
formal approval from federal officials at
CMS before implementation.
• Governor Bill Haslam has called a special
legislative session to address the
– Begins Monday, Feb. 2
– Expected to last one to two weeks
The Role of Hospitals
• THA’s board of directors unanimously
voted to cover the state’s portion of the
cost for Insure Tennessee.
• Funding will be provided through the
annual hospital assessment.
• Latitude in the assessment will cover any
additional cost to the state beginning in
Who Benefits?
• More than 400,000 uninsured
Tennesseans below 138 percent FPL
could qualify for coverage.
• Approximately 25,000 of these individuals
are veterans.
• More than half of the eligible population is
• Insure Tennessee will bring needed
coverage to hard-working individuals.
THA Outreach
• Legislators must hear from constituents
Hospital leaders
Business leaders
Community leaders
• The ask of legislators is simple:
– Please support the governor’s Insure Tennessee plan.
– If they cannot yet pledge to support the plan, ask
them to hold off making any commitment until they
learn more about Insure Tennessee.
THA Outreach
• Resources to support outreach at
– Discussion points
– Health and economic impact handouts
• Statewide
• Urban and rural comparison
• County-specific
– Details about the hospital assessment
• Materials from Coalition for a Healthy Tennessee
THA Outreach
• Legislative Day on the Hill
– Tuesday, Feb. 3
– Briefings at Polk Theater in Tennessee
Performing Arts Center
• 9:30 a.m. CT
• 11:30 a.m. CT
– Boxed lunches available from noon to 1 p.m.
– Primary focus is to meet with legislators
and/or attend committee hearings
More Information
• Contact THA
– Craig Becker, [email protected]
– Beth Berry, [email protected]
– Joe Burchfield, [email protected]

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