Lenni Lenape
Research Project
The First People of NJ
• The Lenni Lenape lived
throughout New Jersey.
• They also lived in parts of
Delaware, Pennsylvania
and New York.
• This area was called
Resources in Nature
• The Lenape used
resources in nature for
food, shelter and clothing.
• When the resources
ran low the Lenape
moved to new areas.
• This ensured that
the Lenape never ran
out of natural
Let’s take a look at what
resources the Lenape used to
hunt their own food…
Hey! Where’s the teepee?
The Lenape did
not live in
teepees. Most
Lenape lived in
wigwams, which
were dome
shaped homes
made of wooden
frames and tree
Some Lenape lived in longhouses.
Longhouses were much larger than
wigwams and were used when families
planned to stay in one area for a long
time. They were also made from
material in nature.
Let’s turn and talk!
Why do you think
most Lenape
prefered to live in
wigwams rather
than longhouses?
Turn and talk to
your partner.
Religious Beliefs
• The Lenape believed
that many different
spirit forces controlled
the world.
• They called these
spirits manetu.
Good Manetu
Most manetu were
helpful and good.
They brought
rain, good
harvests and safe
Bad Manetu
Some manetu were
bad. They created
trouble for people
such as stinging
insects, thorns and
April Showers Bring May Flowers
• Spring was a very
important season for
the Lenape, this was
when they planted
their crops.
• What are some
things you like to do
in the Spring? Turn
and talk to your
What about the other seasons?
Spring wasn’t the only
important season to the
Lenape. In fact, all of the
seasons played a very
important role in Lenape
Cycle of the Seasons
The Lenape
planted their
The Lenape
survived on
berries, nuts,
dried meat and
fish collected in
the fall.
They traveled to the
Jersey Shore to
collect clams and
Everyone returned
to the village to
help harvest corn,
beans and
Munsee and Unami
• There were two types of
Lenape, the Munsee and
• The two groups shared
similar culture and
language, but lived in
different areas.
• The Raritan River
divided the two
Wrap it up!
• What were the two
types of Lenape called?
Munsee and Unami
• What type of houses
did the Lenape live in?
Longhouses and Wigwams
• What did the Lenape
do in the Spring?
Plant crops
Let’s get down to business!
Now it’s your turn to
research the Lenape life! On
the ballot provided, check
one of the areas of Lenape
life you wish to explore
further. Your choices
include clothing, food, jobs,
recreation, education and
There’s no “I” in “Team!”
After you make your
choices, I will collect and
tally your ballots.
Tomorrow you will be
grouped according to
your interests and begin
your Lenape Life PBL!
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