Tener que + infinitivo Tener ganas de + infinitivo

Tener que + infinitivo
(to have to __________)
Tener ganas de + infinitivo
(to feel like _________ing)
Las líneas de Nazca are in Perú. It is believed
they were made by Nazca natives between
400 and 650 AD and were made by removing
surface rock to reveal the lighter rock below.
There are hundreds of figures from simple
lines to intricate animals. Some are a large as
660 feet across. Scholars argue about what
they were precisely made for, but generally
agree that they were intended to be seen
from the Heavens. Haz click aquí:
Dos expresiones con tener
• There are two important expressions
that use tener shown in this chapter.
• The first is tener que + infinitivo
– This is used to express “to have to do
• The second is tener ganas de + infinitivo
– This is used to express “to feel like doing
Repaso con tener
([email protected]) tenemos
([email protected])
(Ud.) tiene
([email protected])
Unos ejemplos con “tener que”
• I have to work tomorrow.
Tengo que trabajar mañana.
• You have to work tomorrow.
Tienes que trabajar mañana.
• He has to work tomorrow.
Tiene que trabajar mañana.
• We have to work tomorrow.
Tenemos que trabajar mañana.
• Ya´ll have to work tomorrow.
Tenéis que trabajar mañana.
• They have to work tomorrow.
Tienen que trabajar mañana.
Unos ejemplos más
• I have to call my dad tonight.
Tengo que llamar a mi papá esta noche.
• Do you have to do homework tonight?
¿Tienes que hacer tarea esta noche?
• You (formal) have to buy food today.
Tiene que comprar comida hoy.
• We have to celebrate this Friday.
Tenemos que celebrar este viernes.
• Ya´ll have to go to the party next Saturday.
Tenéis que ir a la fiesta el próximo sábado.
• They have to go to a conference next month.
Tienen que ir a una conferencia el mes que viene.
Unos ejemplos con “tener ganas de”
• I feel like going to the beach tomorrow.
Tengo ganas de ir a la playa mañana.
• Do you feel like dancing at the discotech tonight?
¿Tienes ganas de bailar en la discoteca esta noche?
• He doesn´t feel like working today.
No tiene ganas de trabajar hoy.
• We don´t feel like studing on the weekends.
No tenemos ganas de estudiar los fines de semana.
• Do ya´ll feel like taking out the trash?
¿Tenéis ganas de sacar la basura?
• They feel like going to Seattle next week.
Tienen ganas de ir a Seattle la próxima semana.

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