Mrs Fox - Hednesford Valley High

In September you will start high school at Hednesford Valley High.
This DVD will help you to get to know your new school and your new teachers.
Hednesford Valley High School is a high school.
This means that it is a bit different to your primary school.
You will have new teachers and be taught exciting
lessons in new classrooms.
You will also meet new people and make new friends.
At break time you have the chance to go outside and play.
We have a wonderful play area on our playground.
Everybody has a chance to enjoy the play area.
At lunchtime you eat lunch in the school hall.
If you have a school dinner then you collect your meal from the serving hatch.
All classes eat together with the staff.
When you have eaten your lunch you can go out to play or go to a club.
We have a lot of lunch time clubs for you to enjoy.
This is Mrs Walton
This is Mrs Bates
They will be your Form Tutors.
You will register in either 7NWa in Orange Room, or 7VBa in Black Room.
This is Mrs Russell
This is Miss Fisher
This is Miss Winwood
They work with Year 7 and will give you any help you might need.
This is Mrs Rattan.
She is the Headteacher at
Hednesford Valley High School.
She does lots of important work in her
office and around the school.
This is Mrs Tracey.
She is the Deputy Headteacher at
Hednesford Valley High School.
She also does lots of important work in
her office and all around the school.
This is Mrs Fox.
She is the School Bursar.
Mrs Fox collects the dinner money
and any other money you have for
the school
You can find Mrs Fox in
the school office.
This is Mrs Conroy.
She is the school receptionist.
Mrs Conroy collects any letters,
forms or reply slips you have for
the school.
You can find her in Reception at
the main entrance to the school.
This is Mrs Hunt.
She is the Key Stage 3 Coordinator.
She is in charge of Years 7, 8 and 9.
Mrs Hunt will be your Science teacher in
the Brown Room.
In Science you might do many exciting
This is Miss Thompson.
She is the School Nurse.
She will help you with any medical
problems you have and look after
Mrs Thompson can
be found in the
Medical Room.
This is Ms Orme.
She is an English Teacher.
English lessons will help your
reading, writing and spelling to
Ms Orme teaches lessons in the
Gold Room.
This is Mrs Garland-Ridding.
She will be your French Teacher.
You will also learn to speak French
and experience what France is like
in her lessons.
Mrs Garland-Ridding
teaches lessons in the
Blue Room.
Here is Mrs Bates again.
As well as being a form tutor, she will
also be teaching you ICT.
In ICT you will use the computers to
create useful documents and wonderful
Mrs Bates teaches in the Black Room.
This is Mr Wilson.
He will be your Design and
Technology teacher.
In Design and Technology you will
get to use tools and machines to
make things out of metal and
Mr Wilson teaches in both Green
and White Rooms.
This is Mr Willett.
He will be your PE teacher
PE lessons take place in the hall and on
our sports fields.
You will take part in Tag Rugby, Cycling,
Table Tennis and Gymnastics.
This is Mrs Skidmore.
She will be your Music Teacher.
In music you will learn about
different types of music and plays
on lots of musical instruments.
Music lessons take place
in the Purple Room.
Hednesford Valley High School is
a good school.
You will make new friends and
have fun whilst learning many new
We look forward to meeting you

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