Arctic fox - Kids in Room 107

Arctic fox
By Zoie V.
An Arctic Fox Is A Mammal
 An Arctic fox is a mammal because it has at least one
hair on its body.
What Color Is Your Animal
 White and blue/gray.
Arctic Foxes Live…
 Arctic foxes live in dens.
Arctic Foxes Eat…
 Arctic foxes eat fish and meat.
Arctic Foxes Stay Warm Or Cool By…
 Arctic foxes stay warm or cool because of
short ears, a short muzzle, and fury soles.
How Does The Arctic Fox Move?
 Arctic foxes move by walking and
What Features Does The Arctic Fox have to get food?
 The arctic fox has sharp teeth and claws that they use
to get their food.
How do Arctic Foxes Protect
 Arctic foxes protect
themselves by camoflage and
What Features make it easier for arctic foxes to live in it’s invironment?
 Arctic foxes have small ears that keep them warm.
What other animals are predators
of arctic foxes?
 Polar bears are predators of arctic foxes.
Other Interesting facts about arctic
 A female fox give birth to 14 pups in spring.

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