Charles Douglas By Natalie

The great explorer: Charles
Edward Douglas
Charles Douglas was a mountaineer,
and this power point will tell you a
bit about him.
This is the part of New Zealand that Charles
Douglas Explored:
explored the
west side of
New Zealand.
Places that Charlie Douglas explored:
*Otira River
*Whitcombe River (1800’s)
*Wanganui River (1890’s)
*Cook River (1894)
*Paringa river valley (1874)
*Arawhata Valley(1880’s)
*Copland River(1890’s)
*Franz Josef Glacier(1893)
*Lands borough river (1870’s)
*Waiatoto (1891)
*Jackson River (1870’s)
*Fox Glacier (1880’s)
*Okarito (1867)
There are many many more.
Charles Edward Douglas (left), Arthur Paul Harper, and Douglas's dog Betsey Jane in the
valley of the Cook River in 1894
There are various landmarks in New Zealand that are named after Charles Edward
Douglas, Such As:
Mount Douglas, at the head of Fox Glacier
Douglas pass, through the Hooker range
Douglas River, is a river of the West Coast of New Zealand's South Island
Douglas Neve and Glacier west of Mount Sefton.
Back in the day, Charles
was quite famous for his
magnificent explorations.
Charles Douglas personal information:
Born on: The 1st of July in 1840-Edinburgh, Scotland
Died: 23 May 1916-Hokitika, New Zealand
Job/Occupation: Explorer, Surveyor
Parents: Martha Brook and James Douglas
He was never married and had no children.
Charles Douglas was the youngest of 6
children. None of their names were mentioned
in any websites.
Charles Douglas once said a very enthusiastic
quote, that inspired many people:
“If all information you need is in your mind,
then go out and investigate.” - Charles
Edward Douglas
Charles Douglas was a great explorer, he
was kind, adventurous, motivated, and
very determined to reach his goals. He is
by far the best explorer of New Zealand.

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