Stone Fox Jeopardy
What is wrong
Chapter 1/2
He was giving
“Doc Smith proceeded
to examine
Grandfather.” What
does proceeded mean
in this sentence?
Chapter 1/2
How does
communicate with
Chapter 1/2
He uses hand signals.
Palm up meant “yes”
and palm down meant
“The potato sacks
had to be inspected,
and mended if need
be.” In this sentence,
the words mended
Chapter 1/2
Use a character trait
to describe Doc Smith.
Give details from the
story to support this.
Chapter 1/2
Calm- She wasn’t worried about
Mean- She didn’t want to help
Helpful- She was willing to take care
of Little Willy.
Practical- She was trying to prepare
Little Willy for Grandfather’s death.
*Many other answers are acceptable.*
Little Willy harvested the
potatoes and got the
money for them, but
Grandfather still won’t
get out of bed. Why?
Chapter 3/4
Grandfather hasn’t
been paying his taxes.
He owes $500 in back
Who is
Clifford Snyder?
Chapter 3/4
Clifford Snyder is a city
slicker, tax collector who
came to the farm to
collect the $500
Grandfather owed for
Little Willy finds out that
Grandfather owed
money. Why did this
confuse Little Willy?
Chapter 3/4
He thought
always paid every
“Searchlight lunged
forward with such force that
Little Willy was almost
thrown from the sled.” In
this sentence, the word
lunged means…
Chapter 3/4
suddenly moved
Little Willy can be
described as hardworking. Prove that Willy
is hard-working with
details from the text.
Chapter 3/4
He chopped wood.
He stocked food.
He made a fire for breakfast.
He ran errands after school.
He plowed the potato fields.
He fed Grandfather breakfast.
*Many other answers are acceptable.*
What advice did many
people give to Willy about
getting the $500 to pay
the taxes?
Chapter 5/6
They told him to sell
the farm.
Willy “ran out of the
store, clutching the
poster in his hand.” In
this sentence, clutching
Chapter 5/6
holding tightly
Stone Fox can be
described as smart.
Prove that Stone Fox is
smart using details from
the text.
Chapter 5/6
Stone Fox is smart,
because he used the
money he won from
races to buy back his
“Little Willy was stunned”
when he heard how much
the entrance fee for the
race was. In this
sentence, the word
stunned means…
Chapter 5/6
Little Willy decides to sign
up for the race. Tell one
positive aspect and one
negative aspect of Little
Willy running in the race.
Chapter 5/6
If he wins, they can keep
the farm.
If he loses, he is out $50
for the entrance fee.
If he wins, Grandfather
will get better.
If he loses, they still
don’t get to keep the
farm, and Grandfather
doesn’t get better.
Lester tells Little Willy that
he has a “heap of courage,”
Chapter 7/8
He is running in the
race against Stone Fox.
In Chapter 7, how
does Doc Smith feel
about Little Willy
entering the race?
Chapter 7/8
She thinks Little Willy is “a
darn fool for using your
college money to enter that
race.” But, she will be
rooting for him.
On the day of the race,
why couldn’t Little
Willy see out of his
right eye?
Chapter 7/8
Little Willy couldn’t see out
of his right eye, because it
was swollen shut. Stone
Fox hit Little Willy in the
eye the night before the
Give two reasons that
Little Willy was at a
disadvantage in the
race (prior to the race
Chapter 7/8
He had never raced before.
He only had one dog.
He was younger than all the other contestants.
His right eye was swollen shut.
*Other answers are acceptable.*
Describe what Little
Willy saw as he
entered Main Street
the day of the race.
Chapter 7/8
Main Street was jammed with people
Both sides of streets lined with people
People sitting on rooftops
People handing out of windows
He saw Lester, city slickers, his teacher,
Mr. Foster, Hank, Doc Smith, Mayor
Smiley, Dusty,and Clifford Snyder, the
tax man.
In the beginning of the
race, tell how Little Willy
increased his lead over
the other racers.
Chapter 9/10
Little Willy took a shortcut
over the frozen lake,
which was too risky for
the other racers to take.
Tell how Little Willy
was motivated by
Grandfather during
the race.
Chapter 9/10
Grandfather sat up in
bed, and was
watching the race out
the window.
When Searchlight
died, “There was no
suffering.” In this
sentence, suffering
Chapter 9/10
Tell why Stone Fox
shot his gun into the
air and told the other
racers to stop at the
end of the race.
Chapter 9/10
He wanted Little Willy
to win the race.
Using character traits, tell
how Stone Fox changed
from the beginning of the
book to the end of the book.
Use details from the text to
support your answer.
Chapter 9/10
At first, Stone Fox seems mean,
because he didn’t speak to white men
and he hit Little Willy in the face.
At the end of the book, Stone Fox was
compassionate, because he let Little
Willy finish the race, believing that
Little Willy deserved to win.

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