The Great migration

The Great Migration
Demographic Change: change in the
characteristics of population
 Emigration: leavings one’s country to establish
citizenship and a home in another country
 Immigration: a person intending to establish a
home and citizenship in a country that is not
their native country
 Unemployment: having no work
 Famine: shortage of food leading to starvation
for many people
 Cholera: a contagious disease that causes
intestinal problems and dehydration
 7.1.6
– How was the Great Migration of 18151850 in Upper Canada and Lower Canada an
attempt to confirm British identity in the
Province of Canada?
 What
challenges of coexistence did the Great
Migration create?
 Why did the peoples in British North America
want a more democratic government?
 To what extent did demands for more
democratic government reflect challenges of
coexistence in British North America?
 How did the response to demands for more
democratic government shape Canada?
Waves of immigration between 1815- 1850 which
cause demographic change as a population
 In 1840 Canadiens populated the majority of
Lower and Upper Canada
 By 1850 the majority was now British immigrants
 Due to waves of immigration, leaders of British
North America pushed for a more democratic
 Why?
So they could have more control over the government
that ruled them.
 Poverty
Economic reason
Many lost farms
Many lost jobs (unemployment) during the
Industrial Revolution
Many machines replaced positions
Napoleonic Wars
in Britain
Ended in 1815 leading to more unemployment
Famine in Ireland in 1840
Forcing many people to leave their homes in order to
Britain’s colonies provided places for people to
move and start over
 Britain encourage emigration as a way to relieve
economic troubles
 Also emigration allowed for reinforce loyalty to
 More
Settlers had to clear land for farms in Upper
 More
British People
 Conditions
on board the ship were so poor,
passengers were calling them “coffin ships”
 Because the boats were so overcrowded this
led to disease, starvation and death.
 One of the diseases that was most
troublesome was cholera; this led to mass
amount of deaths
 Theory was that cholera was spread by
contact between sick people and healthy
people which prompted the government to
set up quarantine at Gross Ile.

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