2FA Presentation

Two Factor Authentication (TFA) is a 100% Open Source, free to use security system for your
Joomla site’s backend. Two Factor Authentication works in collaboration with the Google’s
famous Authenticator App.
Installing this app adds an extra layer of security in addition to the Joomla’s login system
(front-end as well as back-end).
Two Factor Authenticator secures the signing in process using 2 constants+ Something you know i.e. your site’s backend password.
+ Something you have i.e. your mobile phone (to generate the one time code).
• Two Factor Authentication (TFA) is an opensource Joomla based plugin. You can use it to
improve your site’s security with one more
layer and improve security against - Key
loggers , Password cracking, Password hacking
and many more security threats.
• You need to use two-factor authentication
using the Google Authentication app for
Main Key Features are:• Two Step Authentication Setup with Google
• Verify with a Barcode or with a Key (key
generation from Google Authenticator).
• Have Backup Codes.
• User-Specific configuration for authentication
and Admin can decide for which type of
user.(Secure Back-end, Front-end or Bothend).
Initial Configuration After installation
• Check the following conditions and configure as per your
– Applicable : Applicable on which Joomla Application.
• Backend : enable for Back-End
• Front-End : Enable only for Front-end
• Back-End + Front-end : enable for both side
– Backup On Mail : When you or your site user lost cell then how to
retrieve back-up code. Via Email or contact manually (By site contactus).
Plugin configuration Two Factor Authentication
How to configure at User Level :
• Go to user edit screen.
• You can see “Two Factor Authentication” tab
(Click on it).
• Put Account-Name (it will display in your googleapp).
• Click on “Create new secret key” and then Click
"show QR-code".
• Set “Yes” on Activation.
• Now test it.
From-BackEnd :
From-Front-End :
Two Factor Authentication backend Configuration
Two Factor Authentication Frontend Configuration
Front-End and Backend Login
After login, the user will see the
2FA authentication screen.
Put here six digit verification code to move
2FA using Google Authentication API:
• https://code.google.com/p/googleauthenticator/
Google Authenticator for Android
Google Authenticator for iOS
Google Authenticator for Blackberry
PAM Module
Source Code

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