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Engaging Communities and
Citizen Driven Health and Care
Julie Oxley
Head of Information Management & Technology, Leeds City Council
Citizen Care in 2070
In 2070 we will have our first Leeds
citizen reach the age of 120 years old
She is 64 years old now and about to
retire with 56 years still to live
She lives in North Leeds
Linda will be continually monitored
by wearable devices and sensors in
her home
Her care will be coordinated using an
app on her smart TV
Her life plan will be based on her
‘riskogram’ DNA profile
Medication will be ‘pharmogenicially’
designed just for her
Most of her care will be provided by
her local community
Citizen Engagement
• Bottom up not top down
• Use of existing networks
and communities
• Co-production- ‘doing
with’ not ‘doing to’
• From passive to active
• Providing tools to helping
people take control
• Building outcome
evidence through
Citizen Driven Health
One example of Citizen Driven Health is about
connecting the people involved in the circle of
care around the individual, so they know who
each other are, can connect and be aware of
what each other are doing, across the whole
Neighbourhood Network and beyond and
therefore hopefully become more effective at
supporting the health and wellbeing of the
What is a Neighbourhood Network ?
• Neighbourhood Networks are community
based, locally led organisations that
– enable older people to live independently
– pro-actively participate within their own
communities by providing services that reduce
social isolation
– provide opportunities for volunteering
– act as a “gateway” to advice/information/services
promote health and wellbeing and thus improve
the quality of life for the individual.
Neighbourhood Networks - Some facts
• 32 NNs currently support over 21,900 older people
• Volunteers doing this fantastic work have gone up by
over 200 in last 12 months, rising to 1,910
• Prevented 1,450 older people from going into hospital
and supported 617 being discharged from hospital.
• 26 safeguarding referrals have been made to Leeds
Safeguarding Units.
• As a measure of how the Networks are appreciated by
users, families and friends, a massive 2,427
compliments were received over the past 12 months,
with just 4 complaints!
Some Examples
Coordination of Care
The process of social innovation
Young Foundation – Engaging Citizens in Social Innovation June 2013

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