Daisy`s Fostering Adventure Booklet

Daisy the dog was feeling
very sad and lonely. Her
family were not able to look
after her properly.
One day, Daisy met
Freddy the Frog who
tried to cheer her up.
Freddy the Frog took Daisy to meet Rosa the
Rabbit. Rosa the Rabbit told Daisy that she
would look after her and keep her safe.
Daisy and Rosa did a lot of nice activities
together. They went for walks and played
Rosa also gave Daisy
healthy food, bathed
her and settled her
down to sleep each
• Daisy often went to see her family. Sometimes
this made her happy but sometimes it made her
feel sad.
Daisy often talked to Freddy and Rosa about
how she was feeling about her family.
Freddy told Daisy that she may not be able to
go home to her family. Daisy may have to stay
with Rosa the Rabbit for a while.
Rosa told Daisy not to
worry. Both her and Freddy
the Frog want Daisy to be
happy and cared for. Rosa
said to Daisy that she can
talk to her and Freddy the
Frog about how she feels
and what she wants.
Daisy felt excited about
starting her fostering

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