The First Adventures of Sir Galahad

The First
Adventures of Sir
By Olivia Davie and Dana
Book Three Chapter 2
-Sir Galahad (main character, and he goes into the
abbey to find the shield)
-Monks (guided Sir Galahad to the abbey)
-King Bagdemagus (goes into forest first)
-Sir Ywain (one of the knights at the Round Table)
-The White Knight (smotes King Bagdemagus of his
horse also, he refuses to tell his name)
-Joseph of Arimathea (first person to have the
-Sir Melyas (father is the King of Denmark,also he
was King Bagdemagus squire)
Characters (cont...)
-Stranger Knight (hermit who smites Sir
-Sir Percivale (another important knight who
is on the ship, quest in search for Holy
-Sir Bors de Gannis (important knight who is
also on the ship, and on a quest in search
for the Holy Grail)
-Damsel (tells Sir Galahad that he needs to
join the other knights on the Enchanted
Ship, all the knights are on a quest for the
Holy Grail)
In this chapter, Sir Galahad goes to the Abbey to look for a shield. The
Monks lead him to the guest room where two other nights of the round table,
Sir Ywain and King Bagdemagus. They ask why Sir Galahad why he is there, at
the Abbey, and he replies because he is looking for a wondrous shield. They
tell him the legend of the shield which is that; "no man can bear it on his arm
without meeting ill-fortune within three days. Yet it also said that whosoever
can bear this shield shall achieve the quest of the Holy Grail." Then King
Bagdemagus said the the next day he would take the shield and for Sir Galahad
to stay at the Abbey to be there if King Bagdemagus were to return. The next
day King Bagdemagus rides into the forest with the wondrous shield. He had
not made it two miles before he saw a white knight who stuck him through the
shoulder. The white knight would not give his name but told King Bagdemagus
squire to bring the shield back to Sir Galahad. He rode back to the Abbey and
gave the shield to Sir Galahad. Sir Galahad takes it and rides into the forest.
He sees the white knight who tells him how the shield was brought to england.
Then the white knight left. Later the squire who had followed Sir Galahad into
the forest asked if he could make him a knight and to let him ride with him on
his quest. He also says that his name is Melyas and that his father is the king
of denmark. Sir Galahad decides to let him stay on his quest and they ride on.
Summary (cont...)
Sir Melyas and Sir Galahad rode along, but soon had to part ways. They came
across a rode with a right and a left side. Sir Melyas chose to go down the
left side, the side that he "must win through, if he can, by showing his
own strength and prowess." However, Sir Galahad chose to take the easier
path, the left-hand side of the road where he, "comes easily to his
journey's end, but by no prowess of his own. As Sir Melyas rode deep into
the forest, he saw a rich pavillion standing with no one it it, and inside it
was a golden crown hanging on a throne, and a banquet set out on the
table. He started walking towards it when suddenly a knight shouted at
him to put down the crown, and for him to defend himself. The knight
smote Sir Melyas from his horse, took the crown, and rode away, which
left him almost dead. The road that Sir Galahad took also led to the
pavillion, where he saw a strange knight smite Sir Melyas, then ride away.
Galadad chased after the knight, and struck him so hard that his spear
broke in to little pieces. The knight complimented him on how well he
fought, and gave his blessing. Lastly, a damsel comes ridings towards Sir
Galahad telling him the he must join the knights Sir Percivale and Sir Bors
de Gannis on the Enchanted Ship.
Picture Illustrating a Scene
Cross Word Puzzle
Cross Word Puzzle Clues
4. hermit who smites Sir MelyasDown
1. smotes King Bagdemaugus of his horse, and
refuses to tell his name
2. main character, goes into the abbey to find
the shield
3. tells Sir Galahad that he needs to join the
other knights on the Enchanted Ship, all the
knights are on a quest for the Holy Grail
4. father is the king of Denmark, also King
Bagdemaugus's squire
Cross Word Puzzle Answers
4. Stranger Knight
1. White Knight
2. Sir Galahad
3. Damsel
4. Sir Melyas
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