MA Application

The Multilateral Assessment Application Tool
(MA Application)
Key functionalities and deployment process
Daniel Hooper, Programme Officer
UNFCCC secretariat, Mitigation, Data and Analysis programme
MA Application
Presentation outline:
 Background
 MA Question and Answer Process
 Overview of Key Functionalities
 MA Application Deployment Process
MA Application
Decision 2/CP.17, Annex II, para. 10 (“Modalities and procedures for international
assessment and review”):
The multilateral assessment should entail the following:
a) Any Party may submit electronically through the secretariat written
questions to the Party concerned in advance of the international assessment
b) The Party under assessment should endeavour to respond to those
questions, through the secretariat, within two months. The secretariat will
compile the questions and answers and publish them on the UNFCCC
MA Application
Q&A Process
The Question and Answer (Q&A) Process under the IAR will consist of three phases:
 Phase 1 – Parties can submit their questions to any of the Parties under
assessment through the secretariat (one month until designated response period);
 Phase 2 – Parties under assessment have two months to respond to the questions;
 Phase 3 – The secretariat compiles the questions and responses and publishes
them on the UNFCCC website.
MA Application
Highlighted Features
 Questions and answers are submitted directly in the application and are
tracked throughout the Q&A process
 Questions and answers submitted by the Party are stored in the application,
and can be accessed and/or exported by the Party at any time in the future
 Automated email notifications
 All information is centralized and in a common format
MA Application
Key Functionalities
1. Communication
 Documents and announcements on the homepage
 Status of Party
 Automated alerts, notifications and reminders
MA Application
MA Application
MA Application
Key Functionalities
2. Data Input
 Increased user friendliness with simple to use buttons and options
 Multiple users from each Party can be signed on simultaneously
 Users from the same Party can have different roles
 Allows the selection of multiple Parties when raising questions
 Allows questions to be raised after the one-month question period
 Question queue and Answer queue
Data Input
MA Application
Data Input
MA Application
MA Application
Key Functionalities
3. Data Management
 Ability to filter questions and answers for current or previous SB sessions for
your Party
 Ability to export questions and/or answers for your Party
Data Management
MA Application
Data Management
MA Application
MA Application
Deployment Process
 June 2014: Informational Note from MDA to all national focal points (NFP)
requesting the nomination of Party users for the MA application.
 Once MDA receives Party nominations, log-in credentials for users will be
prepared and provided in August.
 MA Application help desk: [email protected]
 September 2014: MA Application open for SB41
MA Application
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