HLP Introduction

Healthy Living Pharmacy
Health Champion Training
Healthy Living Pharmacy national background
Pharmacy White Paper states vision for
pharmacies to become Healthy Living Centres
April 2008
Portsmouth develop HLP concept with support
from DH, Director of Public Health and LPC
Portsmouth HLPs deliver positive interim results.
Minister asks can the results be replicated in differing
demography and geography?
March 2011
National pharmacy bodies working with DH launch
pathfinder programme; leads to evaluation April 2013
Diffusion of innovation across over 40 areas in England;
concept launched in Northern Ireland. Priority for Pharmacy
and Public Health Forum. Support from Public Health England
June 2009
Sept 2010
Healthy Living Pharmacy background
Norfolk LPC and PCT develop bid for a Healthy Living
Pharmacy Program led by PCT and supported by LPC
August 2011
15 Pharmacies apply to become Healthy Living
Pharmacies and receive training,
- August
Norfolk - 7 Healthy Living Pharmacies achieve
accreditation. Norfolk LPC put in bid for funding to be
led by LPC.
2011 Yarmouth – 4 Pharmacies take part in National
August 2013 Pathfinder, 7 others are accepted for HLP training.
August 2013 - Now
Yarmouth and Norfolk HLP projects merge and
funding is received to continue support existing HLP
and develop a further 15 HLP sites.
October 2011
- May 2012
Where has Health Living Pharmacy
Funding come from?
Healthy Communities aims to work with 10 Norfolk market towns & wards in the next year.
These are:
• Fakenham
• Wymondham
• Hunstanton
• Great Yarmouth (2x wards)
• Cromer
• Diss
• North Walsham
• Downham Market
• Kings Lynn (1x ward)
What is Healthy Living Pharmacy?
Healthy Living Pharmacy is a development tool
What is Healthy Living Pharmacy?
Healthy Living Pharmacy is a Quality Mark
What is Healthy Living Pharmacy?
Healthy Living Pharmacy has a common vision and goal:
To raise the profile of pharmacy in offering healthy
lifestyle advice, services and support to the community
What is Healthy Living Pharmacy?
Healthy Living Pharmacy is about engaging the
whole pharmacy team not just the Health
What is Healthy Living Pharmacy?
Healthy Living Pharmacy has a recognisable brand
In summary, Healthy Living Pharmacy…
• Is an organisational development tool
• Is a Quality mark
• Has a common vision & goal
• Is about the pharmacy team
• Has a brand the public can
• Is the means to the end
What will a Health Champion do?
Work with the whole pharmacy team to develop ideas on how the pharmacy can be more
proactive with health and wellbeing
Take responsibility for keeping health promotion materials up to date and sourcing new
leaflets and posters from organisations with an interest in public health
Come up with different health and wellbeing campaigns and develop a health zone in the
Consider whether the pharmacy is a healthy workplace and think up some ideas to make it
healthier for the staff that work within it
Be available in a customer-facing role to advise customers and patients about health and
Be able to signpost customers and patients to health and wellbeing services within the
pharmacy or to other providers including existing Health Trainer Service
Network with other Healthy Living Champions to share ideas and what works well
Take an active part in delivering the health and wellbeing services provided by the pharmacy
such as stop smoking, sexual health services and NHS Health Checks
Develop front facing and in pharmacy communications to attract the public into the
pharmacy and use the health and wellbeing services internally or externally
Be available during opening hours of the pharmacy
Agenda for the day
– Introduction
– Bill Jones, Smoke Free Norfolk
– Tea/Coffee Break
– Georgia Apsitis, MyTimeActive/Health Trainers
– Rachel Cooke, Active Norfolk, Physical Activity
– Lunch Break
– Neil kittle, SHPU
– Healthy Start & Breastfeeding
– Norfolk’s Living well/HILS - Lauren
– Tea/Coffee Break
– Building a HLP portfolio -Julie
– Dementia Friends Information (Voluntary session)

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