Titan Watches

Headquarters -
Hosur, India
Area served
- 32 countries India
& other countries
esp. Middle east,
Asia Pacific & Africa
Key people
- Xerxes Desai,
Donald Allman
President & CEO,
- Watches
- 3,000
Total Worth
- $ 1 Billion
- www.titanworld.com
 Earlier HMT was the synonymous with wrist watches.
 Titan confronted the leader, & soon acquired the leadership position.
 Within 3 years Titan emerged as the leader .
 Titan sold over a 7,50,000 pieces of Timex watches .
 By 2001,Titan became the sixth largest global player.
 The Economic Times survey for the year 2001 ranked
Titan as the countries’ most admired brand.
1. Titan came with mechanical & quartz watches.
2. New models , quality, fashion & styles.
3. Aggressive launching of quartz watches.
4. Commodity-like product, into an ornament one would like to wear.
5. It can be a gift ~
(A) Wedding gift and other festival occasion
(B) The corporate gift
(C) Gift for dear one whom you love.
Titan Range Addressed To Different Segments: ~
•Classique – combining the elegance of gold and leather.
•Royale – stylish dress watches in all gold and precious metals.
•Exacta – Stainless steel to withstand the rigours of daily life.
•FasTrack – Casual watches for youth.
•Sonata – For the low-end market.
•Raga – Exclusively for women.
•Aurum – Jewellery watches studded with precious gems and colored stones.
 Titan made a quick 8000 odd retail watch
outlet in the country.
 Titan voted for the trendy Titan showroom
 The showroom must be of 50sq m; in a
high consumer traffic area; should
have excellent salesmanship.
 Titan’s Dealers Network Today
• Titan watches now sold in more than 6000
retail shops, covering 1200 towns.
• They are backed by 140 exclusive showrooms
(World of Titan) and 150 multi-brand
showrooms (Titan Time Zones).
Titan’s Ad Message in Launching
Campaigns :~
1. Is your wrist still living in the past?
2. With split second accuracy.
3. Uniquely international standards of
style and elegance.
4. A choice of 700 watches from Rs 525
5. And you will always find a service
centre near you.
6. No wonder over 10 million people
have chosen Titan quartz.
7. How many do you have ?
8. Shouldn’t you?
Titan spent over Rs 20 crore
per day for advertising.
 Titan paid good attention to
sales promotion.
 Gold Bonanza’ offered a
first prize of jewellery worth Rs
1.5 lakh or Rs 1 lakh cash. The
budget for this campaign was
Rs 50 lakh
Titan Enters The Low Price Segment, By Teaming Up With Timex.
 potential in the Rs 300 to 500 segment, lower segment accounting 50
 Timex offered around 200 models in four distinct ranges.
• Titan attacks HMT in The Low Price Segment.
• Altogether with Timex, Titan achieved a market share of 75 % of total quartz
watches in India.
• HMT lost heavily at the hands of Titan.

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