NC FAST reporting

Where’s Our Report?
Data Management in NC FAST
Agenda: What we will cover
• Getting started with NC FAST reports
• Overview of reports available in NC FAST
 Case Profile
 Demographics
 Supervisor Dashboard
• Frequently asked questions
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Getting Started With NC FAST Reports
• From the NC FAST home screen, click on the Reports
• Once on the Reports tab, expand out the Shortcuts bar
on the left of the screen.
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Getting Started With NC FAST Reports
• The shortcuts that you see will
vary based on your User Role.
County Level
State Level
Supervisor Dashboard
DDS Report Card
• Shortcuts are organized by
Program Type.
– WF
• Clicking on the shortcut link will open up a tab
with the corresponding reports.
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Getting Started With NC FAST Reports (Tips)
• Tip: Many reports have a drop down to filter by
program type.
– FNS information can be pulled from the MA/SA reports or
vice-versa by using the program type drop down.
– Certain reports are program specific on each tab, but many
overlap and can be filtered by the program type dropdown.
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Getting Started With NC FAST Reports (Tips)
• Tip: County level and State level reports have the
same structure and layout.
– Reports on the county level links will automatically pull data
specific to the user’s county.
– Reports on the state level links will have an additional drop
down to select Statewide or specific county level data.
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Getting Started With NC FAST Reports (Tips)
• Tip: Supervisor dashboard reports will pull data
ONLY for caseworkers reporting up through the user
in the organization structure.
– Supervisor dashboard reports may not match the totals
shown on county level reports.
– The difference would occur due to caseworkers that own
items for that county but do not report up through the user.
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Getting Started With NC FAST Reports (Tips)
Other tips for using Reports in NC FAST:
• Reports were designed and tested using Internet
• Internet Explorer in compatibility mode should be
used for reports to display properly.
Compatibility Mode:
IE8 and previous click the below icon in the address bar to toggle compatibility mode on or off:
IE9 and above: go to tools – compatibility view settings; make sure the “Display all websites in
compatibility view” box is checked.
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Reports in NC FAST
• Demographics Reports:
Contain a snapshot of current case participants.
• Reports on each of FNS, MA/SA, and WF sections:
Participants by Age
Cases by Household Size
Participants by Race
Participants by Ethnic Origin
• Primary Client by Gender/Race
• Additional Reports available only in WF section:
• Number of Adults per case
• Number of Children per case
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Reports in NC FAST
• Demographics Reports:
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Reports in NC FAST
• Case Profile Reports:
– Case Profile consists of reports related to Case and
Application activity.
– There are multiple tabs with different types of reports for
different programs.
– Each report has it’s own date range and can be found in
the bottom right corner of the corresponding report.
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Reports in NC FAST
• Ex: Activity tab:
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Reports in NC FAST
• Ex: Profile tab:
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Reports in NC FAST
• Ex: Workload tab:
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Reports in NC FAST
• Report Card tab (MA only) :
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Reports in NC FAST
• Supervisor Dashboard Reports:
– Supervisor Dashboard has workload snapshot information
specific to the reporting structure of the user running the
– For MA/SA and WF, supervisor dashboard has the same
reports as the workload tab of Case Profile reports.
– For FNS, includes the above as well as additional reports
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Reports in NC FAST
• Supervisor Dashboard Reports (FNS, MA/SA, WF):
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Reports in NC FAST
• Supervisor Dashboard Reports (additional for FNS):
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Reports in NC FAST
• Coming Soon:
O&M Reports will be accessible from within NC FAST by
clicking on the new ‘O&M Reports’ shortcut.
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Frequently Asked Questions
• How do I export my Reports into Excel?
– Detailed Drilldown reports can be exported into Excel/ PDF
by clicking on the icon show below:
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Frequently Asked Questions
• Why do my reports not match?
Always consider what the report is designed to show:
• If you are comparing a supervisor dashboard report to a county
level report, one is designed to show all county information and
the other is for a specific supervisor. The organization structure
could cause a difference.
• O&M Reports, Management reports may not match because
they have different requirements and criteria.
Ex: O&M pending recertification report vs.
Recertification Status management report:
– Management report shows recertifications coming due, if there is a
pending recertification or not.
– O&M report shows only pending recertifications.
– We are currently adding an additional field to the management
report which shows the pending recertifications.
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Frequently Asked Questions
• Why are the reports not working for me?
– Make sure you are using Internet Explorer.
– Make sure compatibility mode is turned on (described in
more detail on slide 7).
• Still have issues?
– Please contact us through Remedy.
• Other questions?
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