Nutrametrix 7 Reason NPO

Market America’s
Nonprofit Organization
(NPO) Program
R&S Business Associates
There is good in giving!
• Your Time
• Your Money (food, clothing,
furniture, etc.)
• Your Energy
• Your Ideas
Many people coming together to
make a difference!
Times Are Changing
• There is a need for new ideas to continue
and improve your services and find
additional sources of funding.
• There is a need for new considerations
from your supporters. Reason? The
• To give money or time
• To provide physical donations, clothes,
furniture, cars, etc.
Market America
brings the power of people and merges the
power of technology.
Why not convert their needs into
supporting your cause.
It has proven to work through partnerships
with grocery stores and selected organizations
in the community.
More money, more options providing
convenience, savings and cash back to
the supporters of your organization.
The ultimate online
shopping destination
The ma Web Portal
• Unlimited Shopping
• Quick, Accurate Product
& Content Search
• Hundreds of Exclusive
ma Brands and Products
• E-mail, Blogs, Video,
ma TV, ma Newsstand
• News, Weather, Sports
• Entertainment
• Social Networking
• Custom Nutrition Services
• ma Travel
• Gift Cards & Certificates
• Thousands of Partner Stores
Market America Branded Products
Millions of products and services…
Get Paid to Shop
• Your supporters can earn up to 25 percent cash back
for purchasing Market America branded products and
those from our Partner Stores where you see the
ma Cashback logo.
• They also earn .5 percent on purchases by individuals
that they refer to your site.
• Web Portal — Ultimate Online Destination
• Comparative shopping
• E-commerce drives traffic to your site
• Hundreds of Partner Stores
• Get paid to shop (
• Entertainment portal
• Social networking
According to Internet Retailer, is currently ranked #61
among the worlds top E-Retailers.
Generating Royalties
Two ways to generate royalties: Monthly & Weekly
Monthly Royalties
Every ma-Branded product has an individual royalty associated with it,
similar to a retail profit, which are collected on every sale on your
NPO Web Portal
Weekly Royalties
Every product sold through the NPO Web Portal has a point value
attached to it
Points accumulate each week
Generate $187,000+ Per Year in Royalties
• Following our simple straightforward process
1. Get started as a Market America NPO and set up your
NPO Web Portal
2. Promote the NPO Web Portal to your supporters.
3. Educate your supporters to share the
NPO Web Portal with their friends and relatives.
4. Purchases made at the NPO Web Portal will generate
both weekly and monthly royalties for
your non-profit organization!
NPO Program Requirements
• Be a current 501(C) Corporation
• Have a qualified, sponsoring Market America
UnFranchise Owner
• Complete and submit a Market America NPO
Application and Agreement
• Have a Market America UnFranchise Owner who
agrees to the NPO service responsibilities and
submits a signed commitment to
that fact
• Imagine providing supporters of your
The convenience of Internet shopping
Access to most anything a person can need
Fast access to the best prices
Coupon discounts
Earning 2% cash back
Plus a half percent for anyone they refer who
purchase on your NPO Web Portal
ma NPO Program

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