Alliance Program - Université Paris 1 Panthéon

Alliance Program
Columbia University
Paris Pantheon Sorbonne University – Ecole Polytechnique – Sciences Po
The New York Advantage
• Campus in the Morningside Heights
neighborhood of Manhattan
• NYC: major player in high-tech
research & development, financial
and other industries
• Vibrant Columbia alumni network
• Long tradition of collaboration
with private industry and public
internships, networking, job
Fall 2013 Enrollment – Columbia University
• Total Population at Columbia University: 28,221
(including Columbia College, Business School, Law School…)
• 8,103 Undergraduate Students
• 17,833 Graduate Students
• 2,285 Continuing Education & Special Programs
Alliance Call for Doctoral Mobility
• Funds research stays for
1 to 3 months under the
supervision of a host
faculty member at
Columbia University.
• Each project will be
funded with a maximum
limit of $4,000 per project
during the academic year
• Open to students
enrolled in a PhD program
at an Alliance institution
• Open to all disciplines
(Please note that a special
procedure applied to Law
• Learn more at:
Dual Master's in Art History
• One semester at
Columbia during the
second year (usually in
the Spring)
• Regular full-course
semester, fulfilling
requirements for the
Master’s thesis
Semester 3
Semester 4
24h MA colloquium
Elective lecture (12h)
Elective lecture (12h)
Elective lecture (12h)
MA thesis I: Research
MA curatorial colloquium
Elective Seminar (12h)
Elective lecture (12h)
Elective lecture (12h)
MA thesis II: Writing
• Degrees granted:
MA from Columbia
University in Art History
or in Modern Art: Critical
and Curatorial Studies,
and an MA from
University in Art History,
spécialité "Histoire de
l’Art" or spécialité
"Histoire et Politique des
Musées et du Patrimoine"
Dual Certificate in African Studies
• Open to M1 Students in
Political Science
(« African Studies) or
African History
• Spend the Spring
Semester at Columbia
University at the
Institute of African
• Up to 4 students
accepted per year
• A dual Certificate in
African Studies
delivered by the 2
JD/Certificate in Global Business Law
and Governance with Columbia
University and Sciences Po
• An integrated, English-language
curriculum providing a dynamic
mix of theory and practical insight
• One cohort: all students spend
the fall semester at Columbia Law
School and the spring semester at
Sciences Po and PanthéonSorbonne University
• Over two dozen courses to
choose from during the semester
at Columbia Law School
encompassing most international
business law courses
• Past courses have included:
Comparative Employment Discrimination Law
Comparative Labor Law
Economics in International Relations,
European Contract Law
EU Competition Law
EU Institutional Law
Global Litigation and Conflicts of Laws
History of Legal Thought
Intellectual Property in a Global Perspective
International Arbitration
International Contracts
International Investment Law
Public Contracts in Legal Globalization
Tutorial Projects
WTO Case Law and Litigation
JD/Master in French Law with
Columbia University
• Four-year dual degree
program in partnership with
the Columbia Law School
• Two years at Pantheon
Sorbonne University
followed by
two years at Columbia
• Degrees granted:
Juris Doctor degree from
Columbia Law School and
Master 1 et 2 en Droit, from
Sorbonne Law
Year 1
Year 2
• Advanced Civil Law I and II
• International Private Law I
and II
• Labor Law I and II or
Corporate Tax Law
• Elective courses:
• Banking & Securities
• Labor Law
• International Public Law
• Commercial
• Matrimonial Law
• Intellectual Property
• Criminal Procedure Law
and Civil Procedure
• …
Business Law I and II
Contracts I and II
Administrative Law I and II
Introduction to Civil Law,
Criminal Law, Constitutional
Law, European Community
Law, Family Law
• Elective courses:
• Banking & Securities
• Labor Law
• International Public Law
• Commercial
• Matrimonial Law
• Intellectual Property
• Criminal Procedure Law
and Civil Procedure
• …
• Contact :
Lauranne Bardin, Assistant Director, Columbia
University Alliance Program :
[email protected]
Website :
Facebook Page : Alliance Program
Linkedin Group : Alliance Program

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