Welcome to MA Aalborg
MA Aalborg
We offer you
Stig Magnussen
Career Counselor
 Workshops
 Individual sparring and counseling
 Networking
Pia Bloch-Nielsen
Career Counselor
 Office facilities
 Web direct
Bitt Juul Jensen
Insurance Advisor
Guidance about rules
 Office opening hours
Thursday: 13.00-15.00
 Telephone 7020 3971
 Send us an e-mail via ma-kasse.dk/kontakt
 You can also find information on our website
ma-kasse.dk (MA Guiden)
The conditions for receiving unemployment benefits
 You must be registered as unemployed at your local Job center.
 Approved CV at Jobnet – remember once a week to confirm that you are searching for
jobs at www.jobnet.dk.
 You must stay in Denmark while receiving unemployment benefit unless:
- you go on holiday (contact your Job center 14 days in advance)
- if you are invited for a job interview abroad (contact MA and your Jobcenter before you leave)
- Job Seeking (EØS)
 Check your email/post on a daily basis.
 Your job search must be realistic. This means, that you must be qualified for the jobs
you apply for, that you must make yourself available for jobs you can manage, and that
you must do what you can to find work.
 You must use all channels for your job search: advertised jobs, unsolicited job search.
Use your network and your contacts.
 You must apply for work every week you are unemployed and receive unemployment
benefit from MA. MA recommends that you apply for several jobs every week.
The conditions for receiving unemployment benefits
 You must apply for work according to the Job Seeker Plan you make with MA.
 If there are not enough jobs to apply for within your profession, you must apply for
jobs outside your profession.
 You must continually broaden your job search if you do not immediately get jobs in
your professional area or the area you have focused on so far - even if there are
many jobs to apply for there.
 You must primarily apply for full time positions – even though you have a part time
 You must primarily apply for jobs in Denmark. Applications sent to other countries
only counts as supplements.
 Applications for “virksomhedspraktik” and “løntilskud” do not count as job
 Remember that you must be available for work and be actively seeking work even
if are in activation (work activity scheme) or in the near future are starting
maternity leave, retirement or a new job.
MA, Jobcenter and ”Anden Aktør”
 Unemployment benefits
Activation – work activity scheme
 Availability assessment
Job plan
 Counseling and guidance
Job Seeker Plan
Your first offer of activation must be at the latest:
 After 13 weeks of unemployment if you are under 30 years
 After 9 months of unemployment if you are 30-59 years
 After 6 months of unemployment, if you are + 60 years
If you work more than 20 hours or more in average per week, you are not obligated
to activation.
It is the Job center or “Anden aktør”, that work out a Job plan for you, which
describes your activation.
“Løntilskud”: Job with wage subsidies (public/private) –
“Virksomhedspraktik”: Work experience – activation
Courses (as part of Job Plan) (e.g. Danish Lessons) – activation
Job Seeking Training in English
Job seeking abroad – bring your unemployment benefits with you
to another EØS country (max 3 months)
“6-ugers selvvalgt uddannelse” Training program (e.g. coaching,
project management, Lean). The course must be ended before 57
weeks of unemployment and can start up after 18 weeks of
Workshops at MA. Please check www.ma-kasse.dk
Free IT training on-line (onlinekurser.dk) – e.g. Photoshop and
International Citizen Service North
Work in Denmark
att. Louise P. Ganges
(tel. 72 22 33 83/[email protected])
Nytorv 7, 2.tv.
9000 Aalborg
Next meeting in MA will be in three months where MA will assess your
availability on the job market (rådighedsmøde).
Your preparation for the meeting:
 Update your Job Seeker Plan.
 Make a Joblog – save an overview of the jobs, that you have applied
for on Selvbetjeningen on ma-kasse.dk. Please send it electronically
to MA right before your next meeting in MA.
MA Selvbetjening
Joblog på MA Selvbetjening
Send først din joblog elektronisk til MA, når/hvis du skal til rådighedsmøde.
Payment of unemployment benefits 2014
Udbetalingsperioderne og udbetalingsdatoerne i 2014
Perioden slutter, og
dagpengekort kan
sidste bankdato
tidligst indsendes
51 til 3
(5 uger)
16. december
19. januar
31. januar
4 til 7
(4 uger)
20. januar
16. februar
28. februar
8 til 12
(5 uger)
17. februar
23. marts
31. marts
13 til 16
(4 uger)
24. marts
20. april
30. april
17 til 20
(4 uger)
21. april
18. maj
30. maj
21 til 25
(5 uger)
19. maj
22. juni
30. juni
26 til 29
(4 uger)
23. juni
20. juli
31. juli
30 til 34
(5 uger)
21. juli
24. august
29. august
35 til 38
(4 uger)
25. august
21. september
30. september
39 til 42
(4 uger)
22. september
19. oktober
31. oktober
43 til 47
(5 uger)
20. oktober
23. november
28. november
48 til 51
(4 uger)
24. november
21. december
31. december
 Udbetalingsperioderne for
dine dagpenge er enten på
fire eller fem uger, og de
slutter normalt næstsidste
søndag i måneden.
 Udfyld dit elektroniske
dagpengekort på MA
Selvbetjening senest onsdag
kl. 24 efter den sidste
søndag i perioden.
 Overskrider du fristen, kan
du stadig få dine penge.
Udfyld blot dit elektroniske
kort, og du vil modtage
pengene hurtigst muligt
herefter. Forældelsesfristen
er tre måneder.

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