Personal Exercise Programme

PEP - Introduction
 Introduce yourself and talk about your current levels of
fitness (link to baseline tests)
Link to HRF
 State your goals for your PEP (SMART)
Link to baseline tests
 Explain how you are going to achieve these goals
(Methods & Principles of Training)
PEP - Training Log
 Produce a record of your training
sessions (training diary)
Circuit training
Weight Training
CV Training
Make sure this is detailed:
 Sets /Reps/Resitance
 Times & Distances
 HR
 Recovery times
PEP – Evaluation & Conclusion
 Evaluate the success of your PEP
 Did you achieve you goal(s)?
 Make a comparison between your baseline test results
and your end test results.
Could display this in a graph or tabl
 Have you noticed any improvements in your sporting
 What changes would you make to your PEP and why?
 What would be your next steps?
 Nutrition, Psychology?????
 You should bring your notes and data with you to the
computer room.
 You will have two lessons to write up your PEP.
 Make sure that you are well prepared and do not waste
time during the lesson

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