Ohio`s Timeline for LEA Consultation with Nonpublic

Nonpublic School Service Updates
April 3, 2014
Regina Lukich, Consultant
Karl Koenig, Consultant
Office of Federal Programs
What’s NEW?
Ohio’s Timeline for LEA Consultation with
Nonpublic School officials
Clarification of Nonpublic Qualifying Student
Nonpublic Equitable Funding Concerns
Ed Flexibility Waiver
Nonpublic HQT Documentation
What’s NEW with the
Nonpublic School Service System?
Confirmation E-mails
Participation Form Sign-Off
Nonpublic Confirmation Message
NonPublic Email: [email protected]
NonPublic Message:
NonPublic Contact: Suber, Veronica
The status of a participation form with Akron
City(043489) and your nonpublic has changed. Please
review the form and complete any necessary steps to
ensure the status of the form is Final.
Public Confirmation Message
Public Email: [email protected]
Public Message:
District Contact: Hoynes, Jacqueline
The status of a participation form with Emmanuel
Christian Academy(120865) and your district has
changed. Please review the form and complete any
necessary steps to ensure the status of the form is
Ohio’s Timeline for Nonpublic
School Service
• Open – March 10, 2014
• Deadline – May 16, 2014
• Reference: CCIP Doc Library Ohio’s
timeline for district consultation with
Nonpublic School Officials
Ohio’s Timeline for LEA Consultation
with Nonpublic School officials
Verify Student Enrollment
Initial Consultation w/Nonpublic Officials
Annual Evaluation Reported
Ohio’s Timeline for LEA Consultation
with Nonpublic School officials
Participation Form Sign-Off for “Final” Status
Complete the Nonpublic Consultation Guide
Ohio’s Timeline for LEA Consultation
with Nonpublic School officials
Set completion dates
Complete the consultation guides
Validate nonpublic service amounts
Plan for Fall nonpublic service
Ohio’s Timeline for LEA Consultation
with Nonpublic School officials
Verify qualifying student enrollment
Validate equitable service amounts
Begin services/contracted Services
Document highly qualified teacher/attestation
Ohio’s Timeline for LEA Consultation
with Nonpublic School officials
Document Title I annual meeting
Parent/Teacher/Student compact
Multi-Criteria Assessment
Academic Progress Reporting
Qualifying Student Enrollment
Title I Economically & Academically Eligible
Title III Limited English Proficient/Immigrant
IDEA Individual Service Plans
Nonpublic Enrollment
When do we identify and
verify nonpublic student
Nonpublic Enrollment Data
Evaluate for Individual Service Plans
Use Limited English Proficient/immigrant
Validate the low income and academically
eligible students
Nonpublic Enrollment
What are the
responsibilities of the
public school district to
assess and qualify
students for service?
Qualifying Students for Title I
Academic Eligibility:
Provide an academic
scoring system with a
maximum score for
serving Title I students;
Low Income:
Use 2013-2014 school
year household low
income information
Title III-Limited English Proficient
Title III Limited English Proficient
Students home/native language is not
Level of proficiency in English is such that not
effectively able to participate in classrooms
Title III Limited English Proficient
Limited English proficient students are
identified through a formal English Language
Proficiency Assessment
Title III Immigrant Students
3 through 21 years old
Born in any State of the United States
Not attending one or more schools in the U.S.
for more than three full academic years
Title III Immigrant Students,
Non-Limited English Proficient
Students who are
immigrants, but are not
Limited English
proficient students
Eligible Students with
Total nonpublic
students with
disabilities count:
Students in the school
district’s attendance area
with served or unserved
Individual Education Plans
and/or Individual Service
Eligible Students with
Disabilities Student Count
Jon Peterson Scholarship Grant
Autism Scholarship Program
Nonpublic Enrollment
Could multiple services be
provided to the nonpublic
school students and what
does this mean for
Nonpublic School Service
System (NS3) enrollment
Multiple Services
Qualifying Nonpublic Students could be
duplicated in qualifying enrollment data:
Title I
Title III Limited English Proficient and
IDEA-Part B Special Education
Administrative Costs
Administrative costs
charged off from
nonpublic school
service amounts are
not permitted.
School districts can transfer up to
100% of its Title II-A program funds
into Title I, Part A.
Nonpublic consultation is required before
the district makes decisions about
transferability of federal funds.
Nonpublic has choices:
1.) continue to support professional
development activities currently in place,
leaving Title II-A funding budgeted in the
nonpublic school service area;
Nonpublic has choices:
2.) participate in the transfer of Title II-A into
Title I for expanded intervention student
Highly Qualified Teacher
Requirements for
Nonpublic Services
School District Personnel File
Annual updates of Highly Qualified Teacher
worksheets from:
Ohio’s Teacher Toolkit - Forms A-F
Other validation documents include:
College Transcripts
Para Pro Test Score
Assignments – Academic Subjects and Grade levels
Highly Qualified Teacher
Requirements for Nonpublic
School Service
Title I supplemental academic teachers
and paraprofessionals (contracted or
hired) must meet the Highly Qualified
Teacher (HQT) Requirements
Title I Parent Notifications
Parents Right to Know – Section 1111(h):
Notification to parents of Title I – served
Parents may request information regarding
the professional qualifications of the
student’s classroom teachers.
Services Provided for
Nonpublic Schools
Services may be provided by:
1. An employee of Public District; or
2. Contracted services with:
• Individual
• Agency Provider
Contract Terms and Conditions
• number of students served
• hours worked
• academic progress
Service Contract Process
District Requirements
Procurement Procedures
• Bidding Process - if exceeds small
purchase threshold of $25,000
• Meet Highly Qualified Teacher
Optional Title I Set Asides to
Eliminate for Equitable Service
Salary Differential
Optional Title I Set Asides
Eliminated when calculating Equitable
Nonpublic School Service Amount
Equitable Title I Set Asides
Professional Development
Parent Involvement
What if the Enrollment data is
inaccurate after May 16, 2014?
Update the following:
Participation Form comments log
Public and Nonpublic Officials confirm data
Consultation Guide service data
Confirmation in the CCIP History Log
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