PSAT Results

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Where is your On-Line Access Code?
 Located at the bottom of your score report under the
 You will have to log in and create an account with
College Board at .
Why is knowing your score
percentile important?
 It shows you how you compare to other students who
took the test. College admissions is a competitive
process. You need to know how you compare to others
and use this information to PREPARE.
Why use the Skills Section
of your score report?
 The Skills Section shows you a complete picture of your
performance on the different skills tested by the
PSAT/NMSQT. These same skills are tested on the SAT.
To PREPARE to score well on the SAT, try the hundreds
of questions in the Skills Section at
How can Review
Your Answers improve
your SAT scores?
 Using your actual test book helps you make the most of
Review Your Answers, since you’ll be able to go back to
questions you got wrong. With the help of the
explanations available on , you can target your
strengths and weaknesses. You can also look at the
notes you made in your test book to see how you got to
your answer.
Your Success Plan………..
 SHARE results with your parents!
 Take advantage of the score report and the on-line
resources that are available.
 The video will be posted on the Counseling Website if
you have any questions
 The PSAT/Explanation Results Handout will walk you
through understanding your results.
 If you have any questions, please see your counselor!

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