5.4 Notes

Mrs. Wheeler
• Please get your clicker out of the bag and wait patiently for
• Read & take Cornell Notes on the following cues:
• The Silk Road
• Tradition and Learning
• Han Technology
• How was Buddhism introduced to China?
A. It originated in a small village along the banks of the Huang River
B. Wudi started the religion
C. Missionaries traveling along the Silk Road brought the religion with them
D. No one knows how it was introduced to China
• How did Han rulers bring back respect for tradition during the Han dynasty?
A. They made all the people who behaved disrespectfully into slaves
B. They ordered people to respect one another
C. They encouraged people to return to the teachings of Confucius
D. They rewarded respectful behavior with wealth and silk
• During the Han dynasty, which advance in technology was important for
A. Paper
B. The book Historical Records
C. Stone plows
D. Iron plows
• Wudi’s conquests brought Chinese into contact with Central
Asia (Trade)
• What types of new goods did trade bring to China?
• grapes, walnuts, and garlic
• Silk Road trade route from China to Med. - see map P.159
• Travel was hard and dangerous through mountainous
country and desert land – easier after Pamir Mountains
• Antioch- Port city goods shipped to Rome, Greece, and Egypt
• Few traveled the entire length goods were passed from
trader to trader
• What effect did this have on prices?
• Silk Road is name from the valuable cloth made in China
• Han farmers and workers developed new methods of
producing the cloth
• What is a silk worm?
• Wealthy Romans silk-Wealthy Chinese glass, horses, ivory,
woolens, and linen cloth
• What ideas traveled the Silk Road?
• Buddhism
• Arts and scholarship flourished during the Han dynasty
• Encouraged the return to Confucius teachings
• Poetry, language, and history
• Sima Qian- Wrote a history of China from mythical times to
the reign of Wudi called Historical Records
• Han dynasty China became most advanced civilization in the
world pg. 161
Defend the idea that the Han dynasty was very advanced?
Focused on improving their society
began making iron farming tools
constructed irrigation systems
• developed new way of farming
• Paper- first made from bark, hemp, and rags
• Influenced learning and the arts in China
• Use eventually spread across Asia into Europe replacing papyrus
• Other inventions included wheelbarrow, the rudder, and the collar
and harness for animals

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