Mario’s Enemies
By: Neilson Henderson
Enemies Mario Faces
Most Common Enemies
Piranha Plant
• It come out of its pipe and
tries to bite Mario.
• Mario loses a life or his item if
a piranha plant succeeds to
bite him.
• If he doesn’t bite Mario, it
goes back into its pipe and
tries again.
• It runs towards Mario and
tries to make him lose a
• It tries to make Mario lose
a life or item by running
into it.
• If it doesn’t attack Mario,
Mario could stomp on it
and make it go into its
• It runs at Mario and tries
to defeat him…..but he
almost always fails.
• If he does hit Mario, he
makes him lose a life or
• If he fails, he could get
stomped with Mario’s
Enemies Found Underwater
• The porcu-puffer chases
Mario on land and sea by
jumping out of the water
in Mario’s direction and
bounces on land twice
before it lands in the
water again.
• If it lands a hit, Mario
either loses a life or his
item, if he has one.
• If it doesn’t hit Mario, it
jumps back into the water
and tries again.
• The blooper only lives
in the water, mostlikely appears after
Mario goes in front of
it, and they sometimes
come in groups.
• The blooper attacks by
swimming and
slamming Mario while
he’s swimming.
• If it doesn’t hit Mario,
it just keeps
• Cheep- Cheeps can live
on land and sea and
sometimes they hunt
Mario in groups.
• Cheep-Cheeps attack
Mario by bouncing on
land and chasing him in
• If they miss, they keep
swimming or bouncing in
Mario’s direction.

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