Winter Safety

Winter is here!
 Ice is about to seal the ground
 Snow will be making it hard to see
 The wind will be in full force
 And the sun will be hiding
 Accident
We spent last $28,907.94 3 years for slips
and falls
 $4,178.00 amount for auto accidents
 $36,259.00 amount on accidents
Accidents 3 Year Glance
Foreign Body
Take time and be aware of your
 Holiday time is coming and we tend to
be in a rush to get everything done at
 Take one step at a time and don’t put
your self and others at risk
During the winter season you should be
doing everything possible to keep your self
 Both slips and trips result from some a kind
of unintended or unexpected change in
the contact between the feet and the
ground or walking surface.
 This shows that good housekeeping, quality
of walking surfaces (flooring), selection of
proper footwear, and appropriate pace of
walking are critical for preventing fall
A non open toed shoe, that provides ankle
support that is ideally waterproof so that
your feet do not become wet from snow
reducing your chances of freezing or
getting frost bite.
 Must have traction and anti slip resistant
 Absolutely no high heels in the parking lot, if
you want to wear the cute shoes please
wear appropriate winter footwear in and
out of the buildings.
This winter lets set a goal of everybody
being responsible and safe by protecting
our selves and others by wearing anti
slip traction devices.
There are two parts to using stairs
› The steps
› The railing
o If you are unable to use both parts of the
stairs use the handicap ramp
› If you are carrying large items use the ramp
not the stairs
When you are getting into your vehicle this
winter please keep a few things in mind
› Be aware of the surface you are walking on
› When you arrive to vehicle make sure to
securely hang tight to the handle and have your
feet firmly planted before opening
› If the wind is blowing keep a hold of the door so
that you don’t get hurt be the door either flying
open or closed on you
› Make sure you keep one hand on door handle
and one either on steering wheel or the handle
for lifting your self up. Do not let go of the door if
the wind is blowing injuries are likely.
Once you arrived to your destination
› Do not jump out of your car!
› Open your door and look at what you are about
to land on. Always act like you are about to set
foot onto the ice. Hold on to your door and
other handle (Just like when you got in) and
step out with caution. Make sure you have a
good grip so you can avoid falling and causing
› Hopefully you planned ahead and have your
traction devices on to keep you safe no matter
Don’t walk with your hands in your
 Take short steps on icy patches
 Bending your knees a little and taking
slower steps can greatly reduce your
chances of falling.
Roll with the fall.
› Try to twist and roll backwards, rather than
falling forward
Relax as much as possible when you
begin to fall
 Toss the load you are carrying.
 Protect yourself instead of the objects
being carried
Dress warm
Dress in layers
Waterproof insulated boots
Mittens ( warmer than gloves)
Water and wind resistant snow coat and snow
Pick colorful and reflective gear so that you
can be spotted!
› (Dogs too they should have a reflective collar or
flashing light when out side)
Make sure your window wipers are ready
to beat the harsh snow and ice
 Be sure to put the correct window
washer fluid in before it freezes
 Make sure your head lights, tail lights,
blinkers, hazards and every other light is
fully functioning
› (Vehicle 360’s are always a great idea no
matter what your driving)
Reduce your driving speed
 And drive at a distance from other
 Avoid being close to large trucks with
trailers they have a higher chance of
 Carry
a flash light in your pocket
 Keep one in your car and extra
 Make sure you have your
emergency bag stocked and
Due to our already cold climate the
wind adds a extremely dangerous
 The key to surviving this is to be aware of
how cold it REALLY is verse what the
thermometer reads.
 Always wear gloves! It will save your
hands from many things. (Pinch points,
frost bite and wind burn.)
 Be
 Be safe
 Watch your walking surfaces
 Always be prepared!

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