Our Approach

John Dishman
• Introduce Coventry University College
• Subject areas and qualifications
• How our courses are organised and
what is special about them
• The fees
• Tell you a little about what you can
expect as a student at Coventry
University College
Our Approach
• Coventry University College is
designed for students wishing to enter
the world of work with an academic
qualification and prepared for
professional body examinations
• Our academic courses are designed
around professional body standards to
ensure relevance and increased
Our Approach
• Emphasis on high quality teaching
• High levels of class contact
• Lecturers with professional
experience as well as academic
credentials and teacher trained
• Use of Associate staff from industry
to bring current practice
• A structured teaching week
• Use of student feedback to improve
the quality of our service
Our Approach
• As we are part of Coventry University
the award you get when you finish is a
Coventry University award.
• The focus is on high-quality teaching
and learning not the extra curricular
activities associated with the traditional
student experience
Subject Areas
Financial Services
Public Health and Social Care
Information Technology
Sales and Marketing
Applied Science
Tourism and Hospitality
Project Management
Four types of academic qualification
• Foundation Certificate
• Higher National Certificate (HNC)
• Higher National Diploma (HND)
• Honours Degree
Professional Qualifications
• Awarded by professional bodies
• Any fees for the exams or tests are
paid for by the student
• We prepare you for the exams by
virtue of you studying for our
HNC/HND/Degree courses
• Help to make you more attractive to
employers when you apply for jobs
Organisation of Study
Each course is made up of 4 modules
Each module lasts for 6 weeks
1 week break between modules
Focused study with assessment during and
at the end of each block so students
achieve block by block
• As the course is designed around
professional body standards so that you
are ready for their examinations, if you
Organisation of Study
• Up to 18 hours of teaching per week
in group sizes of between 25 and 50
• 2 hours per week in tutorial groups of
5 students
• Full time courses will operate either
in mornings or afternoons (9.00am1.00pm or 2.00pm-6.00pm)
Support whilst you are here
• Access to tutors for academic
• Support for students with a disability
• Help with accommodation
• Financial Advice and Planning
• Counselling
Tuition Fees
• The full-time tuition fee is £4920
except for Science and Engineering
degrees which are slightly higher at
Each 6 week block is £1230
• Payment through student loan or by
direct payment
Experience of 2012/13
• High Levels of student satisfaction
• Fewer drop outs than at other
• Surveys
• Very high pass rates with a high
proportion of courses at 100%
• Friendly atmosphere
• Great teachers and really helpful
Support Staff
Thank you for coming

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