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Michael Wigglesworth
 Born in Yorkshire, England on Oct. 18 1631
 Moved to America at the age of seven (New Haven)
 Went to Harvard- graduated in 1651 but remained a
tutor for 3 years.
 Moved to Malden, MA
 In 1663, he lived in Bermuda for 7 months to study
More Biography
 Married 3 times and had 8 children.
 He was a frail, sick man most of his life so he had a
lot of leisure time– began writing.
 Most famous writing The Day of Doom
 Second famous writing was Meat Out of the Eater.
The Day of Doom
 Published in 1662- becomes America’s first best
 224 stanzas
 Inspired by a dream that Wigglesworth had that God
was seated on his throne on the dreadful Day of
 The Bible is the only source of reference.
 The Day of Judgement is the day that God will decide
the fate of men (Heaven or hell)
 The theme of theological idealism of Calvinism(4
Total depravity: all men were born corrupt & prone to evil
(stanzas 167-168)
Limited atonement: Jesus’ sacrifice earned God’s forgiveness
for only a few (stanza 25)
More Theme
Irresistible grace: one can’t win nor loose salvation by his acts.
(stanza 134)
Predestination: God predicted all events; who shall go to
heaven, who shall go to hell.
When ever Wigglesworth mentions a sheep or goat, he’s referring
to the people of heaven and the people of hell. Also, the judge
symbolizes Christ.
 Had medical problems all his life which limited his
preaching as a minister.
 Cotton Mather is said to have called him “a little feeble
shadow of a man.”-describing his health
 Died on June 10, 1705 in Malden, MA
“His pen did once Meat from the Eater take
And now he’s gone beyond the Eater’s reach.
His body once so thin was next to none
From hence he’s to unbodied spirits flown.
Once his rare skill did all diseases heal
And he doth nothing now uneasy feel.
He to his paradise is joyful come
And waits with joy to see his Day of Doom.”
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