How to Access and Navigate Infinite Campus Portal

This presentation is a demonstration of the Infinite Campus Portal with a snapshot of
each screen. Click Campus Portal Help for Frequently Asked Questions.
To move from slide to slide, left click on your mouse.
Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer Offering Equal Educational Opportunities
Navigate to
Click Parents
Click Parent Portal
Click Parent Portal Acceptable Use Policy
(in green).
Read ALL Terms, click I agree if you want to
Click appropriate link
Logging On
If you’ve forgotten your password, click Forgot your
password? and it will be sent to the email address on file.
Forgot your password? won’t work if you didn’t Set User
Preferences with your eight Likes and eight Dislikes.
If you received your username and password
through [email protected]
after logging in you will be directed to change your
password and set your User Preferences.
Password strength must reach 100%.
Passwords are case-sensitive.
You will then be directed to Set User
Preferences by selecting eight Likes and
eight Dislikes.
Portal Homepage
If you have more than one child
attending JCPS,
student isn’t listed, contact
their school.
Click Go Mobile to get
Mobile Apps
At the bottom of each screen are four options to change the language of the
text displaying on the portal.
for Assignment(s) Due and for Attendance Event(s). The Calendar
also displays non-school days (in gray) and school days (in white).
Click for current assignments and scores if teacher uses Infinite Campus
Gradebook. Click
for teacher’s Email.
Click on the day of your child’s absence or tardy to see attendance details.
Recently graded assignments show as well as grades by course. Click on the
course name to view grades by assignments (if teacher uses Infinite Campus
Gradebook). Click teacher’s name for their email address.
Your child’s immunization records display on the Health screen.
This screen displays your child’s national (ACT), state and district assessment scores.
The Transportation screen shows your child’s bus information.
To Do List
This screen displays your child’s upcoming or overdue assignments. It will only
display for teachers using the Infinite Campus Grade Book.
This screen displays reports such as student schedule, missing assignments,
report card or transcripts available to print. Click
if needed, to install
Acrobat Reader.
Family > Messages
The Messages option display announcements published by the district
or by your child’s school.
Click Inbox to expand this
If your child’s school uses Infinite
Campus Messenger to send
messages it displays in the
Family > Household Information
You can review the household information to verify that your correct phone
number and address is attached to the household.
Family > Family Members
The Family Members page shows all members of this household and includes
relationships, address, phone numbers and emails.
Family > Calendar
If you have more than one child in JCPS this Family Calendar displays
assignment(s) due and attendance event(s) for each child.
Family > To Do List
The To Do List under Family shows all assignments coming up or overdue for
all your children at JCPS.
User Account > Account Management
On this screen you can change your portal password and set user preferences.
User Account > Contact Preferences
This is where you can enter/change your email address.
User Account > Access Log
This screen shows your Portal Login attempts.
Home/Sign Out
In the upper right hand corner of every page shows the Home and Sign Out icons.
Always click Sign Out to log off Parent Portal.
takes you to the
Home screen
Always Sign Out to log out

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