Thomas Cook Group: A tour operator community engagement

Thomas Cook Group: A tour
operator community
engagement strategy in
Andy Cooper
Director Government and External Affairs
Thomas Cook Group plc
RTD8: Manchester: 4th April 2014
Thomas Cook approach to community engagement
• Key principles are defined in our Code of Conduct
• Our standard on community engagement
• We are an important part of the communities in which we live and work. We will provide support to
these communities, and strive to improve the lives of those who live there through employment,
supply of goods and services, and charitable support.
• Our approach varies by source market + affected by social differences
• UK: culture of customer charitable giving
• Germany + Northern Europe: more expectation that companies will contribute directly to
charitable activity
UK approach: Thomas Cook Children’s Charity
• Established 2009: raised more than £4 million since then:
– Booking contribution £2 per passenger
– Collections on return flights
– Specific events and activities by staff
• Aim to “Improve children’s lives and benefits the communities in which they live”
• Contribute to projects in UK and destinations
• Focus now on working with charitable partners, rather than direct funding of individuals
Thomas Cook Children’s Charity: some destination activity
Contributions made both in destinations to which we operate and also to other needy areas:
Mexico: support for construction of school
Mexico: through Just a Drop contributed to water supply in drug cartel area
Turkey: contribution to school for disabled in Kusadasi: installing heating/cooling system
Romania: funding medical visit to orphanage to enable minor operations on injured or ill children
Gambia: funding completion of primary school
Goa: funding of cottage hospital for street orphans
Bulgaria: funding equipment in orphanage to enable older children to learn specific skills to assist in
Working with communities from other markets
Germany: work with Futouris
Northern Europe
• Turkey: “New life for old traditions” project
• Revitalising traditional felt manufacturing in
village 80 km from izmir
• Encouraging retention of craftsman skills in
village and training new practitioners
• Coupled with specific excursion from local
resorts to village – encourage social
engagement and interaction
Baan Yo Plang: project in Northern Thailand
Building library for school in rain forest
Helping equip that library
Ongoing relationship through airline crew with
• Contributions:
– Christmas present collections from staff
– Computer equipment supplied by company
The benefits of our approach
Employees: engaging
and demonstrating that
we can do something
Communities: some
payback – even if limited
Customers: both direct
and financial

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