The Scarlet Ibis

“The Scarlet Ibis”
Group Work/Teacher Notes
Page Two – text book 598 - 600
Group Work
 With your group see if you can find the teacher note for
the literary term you are assigned
 Read the rest of the story filling out Cornell Notes
 Requirement:
 Fill out threetwo notes (on ANYTHING)
 Try and find your group’s assigned literary term in
the story and put it in your Cornell notes
 When you are finished reading the story and filling
in your Cornell notes please go back to your
assigned seat and read silently until all of your peers
are finished.
Pride is a wonderful, terrible thing, a
seed that bears two vines, life and
His pride helped Doodle, but it
was selfish motivation. Suggests
he felt conflicted by this
Pride is a wonderful, terrible thing, a
seed that bears two vines, life and
His pride is a seed with good and
bad vines (effects of the pride)
With success so imminent
Margin Note
Vocabulary word
They knew they were close to
success - walking
I began to believe in my own infallibility
Margin Note
Vocabulary word
The narrator thought he was
flawless because he taught Doodle
to walk.
If we produced anything less than the
Resurrection, she was going to be
Refers to Jesus’s Resurrection
from the dead – Doodle learning
to walk would be a miracle.
Maybe Doodle is like Jesus.
Hope no longer hid in the dark
palmetto thicket
Hope isn’t hiding – like it is so
powerful is wants to be seen –
Doodle will walk
Success lay at the end of summer
like a pot of gold…
Success (running, swimming, etc)
was a hopeful reward that is
probably not real (like gold at then
end of a rainbow)
Last Section – Rest of the book
We had both wandered too far into a
net of expectations and left no
crumbs behind
They feel trapped (net) because
they expect so much of Doodle
that there is no plan for failure
“the wings were
struggle to
“it lay on the
earth like a
broken vase of
red flowers”
A vase is
and fragile.
“Dead birds is Foreshadowing
bad luck”
Doodle’s death
“lightning was
playing across
the sky”
Makes the
setting seem
like it is
messing with
the boys
“that streak of
cruelty within
me awakened”
His cruel side
came to live,
like it
“sheltering my
fallen scarlet
ibis from the
heresy of rain”
Scarlet Ibis
is Doodle
now –
creates the

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