Fashion & Creative Expression

Fashion & Creative Expression
Miuccia Prada
 “ Fashion is my passion but I don’t let it rule my life! ”
What will we learn about??
 Why we wear clothing
 How we acquire clothing
 Elements & principles of design
 Designing clothing (fashion illustration)
 Types of fabrics
 How to care for them
 How fabrics are made
 Fashion careers
 Fashion marketing
 Research a fashion designer (for part of summative)
We will also learn to sew!!
 Sewing Samples :
 Seam
 Hem
 Inside & outside curves
How to Sew
Winter hats
Mittens – in the winter
Mittens in the winter
Drawstring backpack - spring
Pillowcases for cancer kids
Final Project
 Decide between pants, skirt or a bag
 Which have:
 at least one pocket
 A zipper or button hole
 M6290
• M3830
 M5811
Drawstring skirt
 M4261
 B4461
Note: Pleats take
some extra time
Drawstring pants
Or boxer shorts
 M4261
 If you choose the bag, you
get to design part of it to
make it your own unique
creation including:
Size of bag
Size of pocket
Final Evaluation
3 part Summative
 #1 create your own sketches for your collection of clothing
and come up with a marketing plan 5%
 #2 Research and present on a fashion designer 10%
 #3 Design and Create your bag 15%
Field Trips
Field Trips
 We will go on 1 or 2 walking field trips
to Fabricland to choose fabric and go
on a scavenger hunt
 Note there is no course fee

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