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2 INTERPOL Of America
The introduction of INTERPOL.
INTERPOL is the world’s
largest international police
organization, with 190 member
Police around the world to work
together for the prevention and
resolution of international
criminal offenses created by
international institutions.
Police around the world to work
together for the prevention and
resolution of international
criminal offenses created by
international institutions.
INTERPOL’s commission and office.
Mission was founded in 1923, mainly things like the exchange of
information and investigative assistance crime.
Supporting police worldwide. We work to ensure that police
around the world have access to the tools and services necessary
to do their jobs effectively. We provide targeted training,
expert investigative support, relevant data and secure
communications channels.
This combined framework helps police on the ground understand
crime trends, analyse information, conduct operations and,
ultimately, arrest as many criminals as possible.
• At INTERPOL, we aim
to facilitate
international police
cooperation even where
diplomatic relations do
not exist between
particular countries.
INTERPOL's operational
• The General Secretariat is located
in Lyon, France, and operates 24
hours a day, 365 days a year.
INTERPOL also has seven regional
offices across the world and a
representative office at the
United Nations in New York and at
the European Union in Brussels.
Each of our 190 member countries
maintains a National Central
Bureau staffed by its own highly
trained law enforcement officials.
The United States is a
signatory to Interpol.
In addition, the purpose of the
United States of Interpol is a
technology for the rapid
resolution of international
crime and international police
agencies to promote the
development of cooperation.
International criminal
investigation of the information,
and cooperation, including the
exchange of data, investigations
for this purpose.
Interpol, Washington in the
United States full-time
employees, contractors, and
more than 20 regional, placing
personnel in the state and
federal law enforcement
agencies, including several areas
of workforce consists of.
Employees elderly criminal
investigation, analysts, lawyers,
information technology
specialists, and administrative
support personnel are included.
Let's now look at the little figures made from Broadcast's out on the Interpol.
Red Broadcast's out Gaddafi had been down and around the main greeting
Lee Soo Man, and Seo Se Won Broadcast's out had been
down. Celebrities sex kickbacks, corruption, bribery,
embezzlement broadcasters
Wikileaks founder Julian've
leaked disappeared after
the Swiss press conference
in Sweden, HVAC
investigation request.
Notably, INTERPOL in Europe, INTERPOL‘s headquarters in France.
Also, Held in Rome, The International Criminal Police
Organization(INTERPOL) General Assembly in the organized crime
sweeps famous French women police commissioner Ballestrazzi. 4 years
of term was elected as the new secretary general. This is the first
women Secretary-General of Interpol since its inception in 1923.
Europe INTERPOL’s Major Activities
1.Global INTERPOL mobile tool to combat child sexual abuse
launched with Canadian support
2. INTERPOL Ministerial Declaration looks to shape strategies
against new aspects of contemporary violence
3.INTERPOL and Qatar 2022 Committee launch major sporting
event security initiative
ROME, Italy – A ground breaking initiative by INTERPOL to
support the safety and security of the 2022 FIFA World Cup in
Qatar and other major sporting events over the next 10 years
has been launched following an agreement with the Qatar 2022
Supreme Committee worth USD 10 million.
INTERPOL Of Asia(Japan)
Japan’s National Police Agency (NPA) supervises and controls the police
activities of 47 Prefectural Police Departments and the Tokyo
Metropolitan Police Department. The NPA is composed of 7,700 officials,
comprising 1,900 police officers, 900 Imperial Guards and 4,900 civilians.
The NPA is headed by a Commissioner General who, with the approval of the
Prime Minister, is appointed by the National Public Safety Commission
(NPSC), a state body which holds the rank of Ministry of State,
guarantees the neutrality of the police, and administers the NPA.
NPA duties include
Dealing with natural disasters, emergencies and civil unrest
Tackling organized crime
Vehicle and road administration
Assisting in international crime investigations
Imperial Guard (protection of the Japanese Imperial families)
Police training
Police communications
Criminal identification
INTERPOL Of Asia(Japan)
The INTERPOL National Central Bureau (NCB) for Japan
is part of the Organized Crime Department of the NPA’s
Crime Investigative Bureau. Made up of seven units staffed
by about 50 officers, and located at the NPA Headquarters,
INTERPOL Tokyo is responsible for all domestic
investigations requiring outreach with the law enforcement
agencies of the INTERPOL member countries.
Cracking down on transnational crime
INTERPOL Tokyo works closely with all INTERPOL member countries in
preventing and investigating transnational crime and in having fugitives
In an effort to tackle the globalization of crime, INTERPOL Tokyo actively
cooperates with overseas law enforcement entities in exchanging key
information. The NCB has the capacity to do this through INTERPOL or via
diplomatic and Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty (MLAT) channels.
Because international criminal organizations such as the Pink Panthers and
Bakusetsudan perpetrate their crimes on a global scale, INTERPOL Tokyo
works with partner law enforcement agencies across the globe, carrying out
active transnational operations with INTERPOL member countries when the
need arises.
INTERPOL Tokyo regularly hosts international conferences for the benefit
of the INTERPOL community, especially with its partners in Asia and the
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