Environmental data mining, analysis & management, and integration

PROTECT: Puerto Rico Testsite for Exploring Contamination Threats
Environmental data mining, analysis & management, and integration into GIS and groundwater modeling
C. Butscher, C. Yegen, R. Ghasemizadeh, C. Irizarry, J. Howard, I. Padilla, D. Kaeli, A. Alshawabkeh
Centralized repository for effective data sharing between all
program projects to support environmental data analysis.
• Unified system for data entry, cleaning and management across the
PROTECT program (environmental & biomedical data)
• Allows multi-layered data management inquiries
• Provides all data via the Internet
• Supports contamination transport modeling and GIS analyses
Environmental data:
• Historical data: groundwater data from approx. 1000 wells and springs,
include water levels & contaminant concentrations
• Newly collected field data: 10 wells, 2 springs and 120 water taps. Two
samples per year are analyzed for water quality data (e.g., pH,
dissolved oxygen, common ions), CVOCs and phthalates
• NPL superfund sites (21) and RCRA corrective action sites (49)
• Continuous records of meteorological, surface water and groundwater
From data mining to analysis
Data mining
• Field collection
• Literature research & data bases
• Lab analysis
Live data in online
repository (status):
• 865 wells
• 34 springs
• 124 environmental
The PROTECT online data repository collects environmental data from the field campaigns and lab analyses of the program, as well as
historical data provided in reports and data bases by different agencies. Collected data are shared across the PROTECT program via the
Internet and are a basic resource for statistical analysis, GIS analysis and groundwater modeling. The PROTECT online data repository also
collects biomedical data (e.g., urine, blood, pregnancy tissues, demographic data), which is not shown here.
Data dictionary
• Data entry in unified format
Poster presented at the retreat of the
PROTECT program in Dorado (PR),
Feb. 24-25, 2012
Data repository
• Data cleaning
• Data upload
• Data storage
This program is supported by Award
Number P42ES017198 from the
National Institute of Environmental
Health Sciences.
Web interface
• Queries
• Download/Export
• Groundwater modeling
• Statistics
Application: Groundwater models and GIS analyses rely on
effective access to collected and cleaned environmental data.
Data structure: Tables and relations of environmental
data within the PROTECT online data repository.
} www.neu.edu/protect

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