Powerpoint - Transit GIS Clearinghouse

GIS in the Cloud with
SharePoint Integration
Can Cloud Computing
Transform GIS-Transit
Shirley Hsiao
Service Development Manger
Michael Hino
Service Development GIS Analyst
Presentation Outline
How LBT applied GIS-Transit database framework on the Cloud
LBT Bus Stops Module Demonstration
What are the GIS-Transit considerations for Cloud computing?
How not to get stuck in the Cloud
LBT Service at Glance
Mid-size fleet with 240 buses
28 million annual ridership
Transit mode split: 7%
Diverse population: 73% minority
Median Family Income: $57,700
19.7% population, 27.6% children
below poverty
GIS-Transit Database Framework at LBT
Why focus on Cloud & SharePoint with GIS
Proven technology for corporate application
Streamline corporate data distribution
Minimum initiation cost and scalable development
How to provide a GIS-Transit platform
with less risk and higher return?
Leverage existing resources with the latest
technology to improve business process within
the agency.
GISinTransit.draft1_-_Wendy (1)
Bus Stops Module Demonstration:
Original Bus Stop Issue Decision Making Process
Original Bus Stop Issue Decision Making Process
Process Optimized with Web Mapping & SharePoint
Process Optimized with Web Mapping & SharePoint
Process Optimized with Web Mapping & SharePoint
Web Application on Amazon EC2 with ArcGIS Server
• What is needed?
• Published Maps
• Via ArcGIS Server on Amazon Web Service (AWS)
• ArcGIS Online, Portal, etc.
• Application Program Interface (API)
• Via FlexViewer
• Java, Silverlight, etc.
How Difficult is it to Start a Service on the Cloud?
• Relatively Simple (like flipping a switch)
Create an account on the Web Service
Let ESRI know the account number to set
up an instance
Login to the Web Service and Start up your
server instance
Web Application: Publishing Layers to the Cloud
Layers to the Cloud
Create mapping layers
Publish mapping layers
as a service to the cloud
Target the mapped service
using the API
Web Application: on the Cloud
Configuring the API
Turn On/Edit Widgets
Create Custom Widgets
Configure Layer
Specific Pop-ups
Customize Web App
Process Optimized with Web Mapping & SharePoint
Process Optimized with Web Mapping & SharePoint
SharePoint: Issue Entry
• Issue Entry by LBT Staff
• Advantageous from
staff knowledge and
• Chair is Notified
• Validation of Entries
• Add Entry Details
• Entry is Placed into a
Review Section for
Meeting Discussion
• Information linked to
carried over stop ID
SharePoint: Committee Meeting
• Web App can be used for
Visual aid of Locations
• Issue Item Details can
be filled out by Chair
• Item can be assigned
and auto-emailed to
SharePoint: Stops Committee Dashboard
Rethink how transit works internally
• Improve consistent and accurate information
• Reduce dependency on legacy operation
• Encourage participation from others
Lessons Learned
• Focus on data quality
• Standardize the core transit
• Develop collaborative projects
with others
• Obtain on-going technical
How not to get stuck in the Cloud
• Avoid sensitive data regarding
security and safety issues
• Obtain IT support in advance
• Identify relevant projects that
can be leveraged from the
existing structure
Think Big,
Take Small Steps
toward a Smarter
Work Place
Shirley Hsiao
[email protected]
Michael Hino
[email protected]

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