Business Reports
Business Studies HSC
The Business Report Structure
There are 2
options for
addressing your
answer in the
body of the
I suggest you
use Option 1 in
case you run
out of time!
How to start the Business report before you start
writing it!
Re read stimulus
Underline the key words
Determine if the stimulus is drawing upon concepts covered in one or
two of the syllabus topics i.e Nature of business, Business Management,
Business Planning
Annotate the directive verbs e.g describe, evaluate, recommend – what
are these asking me to do
Work out what are the key areas I must address in the response – these
are usually the 3 areas mentioned at bottom
Write down a structure using the headings in the exam answer booklet
Write down bullet points about what you are going to mention under
each of these headings
Remember to use third person, use business concepts and ‘speak’. Treat
the reader as if they know NOTHING and need everything explained AND
of course ADDRESS the question using the stimulus information.
Example 2010 HSC
Suggested response to 2010 HSC question
2006 HSC Business Report question
Suggested structure for the 2006 question
Executive Summary
Organisational Structure
Human Resource Strategies to manage the
• Conclusion
Exec Summary is a 40,000 feet helicopter view
Executive Summary
Mario operates a successful chocolate making business In Australia and
has done so for the past 25 years. Increased labour costs in Australia,
changing industry trends with regards organisational structure and the
increasing demand for his product in overseas markets has led to a review
of Mario’s current business practices as well as the opportunity for
expansion in international markets.
This next paragraph is optional – it is the recommendation which would
appear in an executive summary in real life business.
For the HSC (and Yr 11) you do not need this paragraph in the executive
summary BUT you could use it as your conclusion (at end of report)
This report recommends Mario adopts a ‘behavioural’ management
structure for the business. It also recommends necessary human resource
strategies that are required to manage the change within the business as
he expands internationally.
Body (although do NOT use this as a heading)
Organisational Structure (describe on alternative structure)
Current industry trends indicate a move towards a new organisational structure based
on the behavioural approach to management. The behavioural management approach
emphasises the need for management to develop the ability to understand and work
with people and that workers have several needs other than financial needs.
Through adopting a behavioural management approach, Mario’s business will have a
greater focus on leadership, motivation and communication.
Leading is xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. Motivation is xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and
Communication is xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. Define what these are etc
As Mario moves to a flatter management structure, the above functions of
management will be more evident and easier to implement. Combined with a smaller
chain of command and the development of work teams, the business will be in a better
position to be more flexibile and responsive to change within the business. This will be
advantageous as Mario moves to expand the business internationally.
Here you need to recommend ONE staffing system (we haven’t
covered this info yet, it will be in Yr 12)
Continue on with how the flatter structure will work
How this can work for his overseas business e.g employ one
person that is responsible for the business’s overseas
Human Resources strategies to manage change
Need to evaluate (make a judgement based on criteria) 2 strategies
Again, this info is covered in Yr 12
In conclusion, ……….
In summary, …………
In conclusion, this report recommends Mario adopts a ‘behavioural’ management
structure for the business. It also recommended that Mario employ one additional staff
member as well as implement the suggested human resource strategies to manage the
change within the business as he expands internationally.
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