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Dublin South West Inner City
Integration of Services
Continuum of Care
Demonstration Model for Children 0-6 years and their
families .
23rd May 2014
The Vision , Aims and Objectives
Demonstration of integration of Community , Voluntary and Statutory Services for Children
0-6 years and their families living in the Dublin South West Inner City
A community based ‘whole child’ model of long-term prevention and
early intervention.
The consortium partners to maximise their collective efficiency and
effectiveness at meeting the identified needs of children.
Provision of needs based services – based on the child being supported
within their family and local community.
Taking the existing resources available within the Community , Voluntary
and Statutory services, and working together creatively to find innovative,
alternative approaches to service coordination, design and delivery.
Establishing a more effective continuum of support services for the child
and family through this integration.
Building on the ideas and programmes developed by others– not
re-inventing the wheel
Consortium Partners
• Need identified in area to improve
preventative service delivery for
children 0-6 years
• Multiple access points to universal
• Services that might in the first
instance help prevent problems
• Services that help identify problems
and referral for targeted supports
at an earlier stage
• Model is underpinned by the
integration approach developed by
the consortium partners.
Parent and Child Hub
Learning and Challenges
• Awareness and Understanding of Inter -agency
vs Integrated Working
• ‘Whole Organisation’ vs ‘Individual’ sign up
• Development of Trust & Relationships
• Communication
• Flexibility and Thinking Outside the Box
• Keeping Children and Families at the centre
• What Can We ‘give’ or What Can We ‘Get’
• Changes in Resources Available since sign up .
• Changes in Personnel
• One Team - Partners commitment to
continuing to work together in building on
integration to date
• New partners currently being engaged
• ‘Learning from Integration’ process to be
made available to other consortia .
• Mapping of the Parent and Child Hub.
• Resources developed will be made available
Dissemination Event
September 2014
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