The GLOBE Virtual Field Trip

A Virtual Field Trip by Mr. Kotofsky
[email protected]
Let’s prepare for our
trip!Soon you will…
 DISCOVER how to figure out the language of
Shakespeare’s plays that were performed at
England’s Globe Theatre at the start of the 17th
 VISIT the Globe to understand how
people experienced the plays.
 LEARN why the Globe of Shakespeare’s
time is not the same one in existence today.
 CONNECT to the Globe by comparing and
contrasting the entertainment of yesterday to
that of today.
Shakespeare’s plays seem like they’re
written in a whole other language!
 They’re actually easier to read than you might think…
 Find out WHY by clicking on the link below.
Next, click on each link in the slides that follow,
read then answer all three writing assignments
in your Writing Notebook. Turn in to Mr. K
when done. Have a great trip!
 The Language of Shakespeare:
 DESCRIBE why YOU believe reading
Shakespeare’s works, many of which were first
performed at the Globe, is so 1) challenging
yet 2) possible in 2012, more
than 400 years later.
The Globe Theatre was created in 1599 by
Shakespeare’s Lord Chamberlain’s Men.
Check out how the audience experienced his plays!
The Globe Theatre…
to visit!
 The Globe Theatre: Two Virtual Tours!
The Groundlings
The Globe’s Luckiest Audience!
Shakespeare’s Audience:
 A) What makes the layout of the Globe so unique?
 B) Who attended Shakespeare’s plays at the Globe,
where did they sit and how much did they pay?
 C) Where would you sit if you were Queen
Elizabeth or some other rich nobleman/woman?
 D) How does this CONTRAST with today’s theatre
(or rock concert, or hip hop show) audience?
(HINT: Those lucky Groundlings…)
For 14 years at the Globe, Shakespeare’s
plays knocked the audience’s socks off!
(Psst… Without any special effects and barely a prop,
the audience was forced to rely on its imagination. Pretty cool, huh.)
The Globe Theatre… and what happened to it:
A) What happened to
Shakespeare’s Globe and
A) Does the original Globe
Theatre still exist today?
If not, how is it different?
Give (3) ways…
Shakespeare’s Globe… TODAY.
The latest version opened in 1997 and
features all 37 of his plays performed LIVE!
(this is basically Globe 3.0)
‘Tis wondrous to say,
“Thy work on thee Globe Theatre
has been out of this world!”
Hope you had a nice trip!

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