Snow Treasure

Snow Treasure
By: Marie McSwigan
Scholastic Inc.
This story takes place during the winter in the 1940’s. This time
period is important to the story because if it weren’t winter,
the children would not be able to bury the gold under the
snowmen. It is also important because it would make the
soldiers suspect them because they are using sleds and it’s
not even winter!
The 1940’s is when World War II took place, so children would
not have to get past soldiers if it weren’t the 1940’s.
Peter Lundstrom
The most important character in the story was Peter. This
character’s main goal was to bring all of Norway’s
money to America. Norway wants to take all their
money to America because Uncle Victor heard that
almost all the countries are sending their money to
America so it will be safe. To do that, Peter and his
friends must get past Nazi guards with at least 2
“bricks” (gold/money) hidden inside their sleds.
The Nazis are important because there wouldn’t have been a
war without them. The Nazis are also important because
without the them, Peter and his friends wouldn’t have to bury
the gold to hide in the snow.
Town’s People
The towns people have to endure blackouts, every
night . The people have to do this because at night
the Nazis do most of their action, so they must
hide. The town’s people are important because
some German soldiers or Nazis are flying in army
planes at night and they would know where there
are people to attack because of the lights on.
The biggest or most important problem or conflict in the story was that the
Nazis have started out to look for their missing soldier, or as the book
states, runaway soldier. This was a problem because the soldiers are going
to look in the “snake.” The snake is where Peter and his friends bury the
gold. If the Nazis look in the snake Peter and his friends might get caught
burring the gold. The problem was solved when Peter sailed to America
along with Uncle Victor, Rolls, Jan, and the gold. He went along to America
because he was held prisoner by the Nazis for throwing a snowball at the
Commandent’s ear. So, he was busted out by Jan and taken to Uncle
Victor’s boat.
Forbidding-Ordered not to do something
“So the darkness outside was all the more forbidding.”
Dreaded-To look forward to with fear
“SOON would come the moment the four children dreaded-the first
German sentry.”
Avoid-To keep away from
“He didn’t see how he could avoid knocking them down like ten pins.”
Cradling-To hug and wrap arms around something or someone
“A heavy coat was put over him and a pair of arms were cradling him.”
Camouflage- Blending in with something
“The Cleng was pretty well covered by camouflage so she could be
moved to the mouth of the Snake.”
Made By: Julia Emery, Zach Billamack,
and Ana Karen Salinas
Miss Pearl’s Class
May 28,2013

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