Propaganda Techniques -

Propaganda Techniques
Define, identify, and create examples of
persuasive devices including:
 bandwagon
 loaded
 testimonial
 name-calling
How does recognizing propaganda devices
make you a better shopper and decision marker?
Today we will complete two activities with
persuasive devices including:
Create an organizer defining the four persuasive
Use response cards to determine which
persuasive device is being used.
Each one of the following cell phone
advertisements uses a different persuasive
technique. Think about what the advertisers are
doing to get you to buy the cell phone as you
watch each commercial.
loaded terms
name calling
Which advertisement had someone famous?
Which advertisement had someone who
wanted to join the group?
Which advertisement made fun of someone
Which advertisement had loaded terms?
On the blank space provided fill in the correct
persuasive device for each definition.
Write a short example for each.
encourages the hearer to think that because
everyone else is doing something, you should too
or you will be left out.
is when an expert, public figure, or celebrity
promotes or supports a product, policy, or
political candidate.
is when words that have strong emotions are used
to promote a person or product.
is the use of placing negative labels on
a person or item. It is used to create fear
and arouse prejudices in the hearers.
An expert from Nevada explained that when
rivers are dammed for water power, it destroys
beautiful valleys.
All trails lead to ice-cold
loaded terms
The New Zealand Air Force used Disney artwork
on the aircraft. The message says Mickey
Mouse, proprietor of "M. Mouse Loans" says:
"The Axis is Living on Borrowed Time, An'
We're Gonna Foreclose."
The jeans that built America
loaded terms
Papa John’s – We believe better tasting
ingredients makes a better tasting pizza.
loaded terms
M&Ms melt in your mouth, not in your hand.
loaded terms
Your teenage daughter asks: “Everyone else is
camping overnight without chaperones, so
why can’t I?”
On a piece of notebook paper, number your paper
from 1 to 10 for the following quiz questions.
For each of the 10 examples you must identify the
persuasive device which is being used in the
2. It’s alright for me to cheat on my taxes because
everyone else does it.
3. This grand touring vehicle concept is as at
home in the city as it is in more wide open
spaces, like country lanes meant for
performance driving.
8. Michael Jordan says he loves to eat Ball Park
Franks Hot Dogs.
9. Slip away into paradise with this luxury cruise
ship to an exotic island in the glistening ocean.

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