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HMS – Hospital Management System
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Inn-Opt Company Overview
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Key Product Features and Business Advantages
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Inn-Opt Company Overview
Inn-Opt Company Overview
Inn-Opt is an emerging professional organization with a vision to help organizations specializing
in different business domains to undergo a smooth and seamless transformation to the nextgeneration global arena marked by fully automated cost-effective, user centric, rule driven
intelligent business processes which enable you to manage and monitor you business trends
and issues in real time with minimal man power.
Products to Help You Succeed:
Our products are designed to give you the upper hand, no matter how difficult the challenge
• HMS – Hospital Management System: An end to end solution for Health care or hospital
management system
•SMCREW – Smart Crew: A one-stop solution for Crew Management and Vessel
• SIMS – Smart Institute Management System: An end-to end solution for student
management, institute faculty management and institute administration management
• SIMBS – Smart Inventory Management and Billing System: a total solution for retail
inventory management system, billing, dealer management and Reporting
HMS - Architectural Overview
Reports &
Central Database
Patient Management
Patient Management
Personal Details
Document Details
Contact Details
Physician Details
Appointment Fees
Card Details
Fees Paid and Receipt
Physician Report
Out Patient
Initial Findings
Patient Card
In Patient
Specialist Consulting
Module Highlights
Patient Management
• This module deals with the end to end functions of Patient application to In-patient
Management and Out-patient Management
• The sub modules are Patient Management and Patient Profile Card
• Processing of Application Details, Case History, Diagnosis Details, Personal Details,
Contact Information, Insurance Details
• Patient Registration Management
• Insurance Management
• Appointment fee payments, Treatment Fee payments and generation of the respective
• Manual/Automatic generation of Patient ID and Token Allocation
• Generation of Patient Profile and ID card for Inpatient and Outpatient
• Support for distinguishing the in-patient and out-patient details separately
• The Patient card will act as the base tracking point and single window for all the
treatments and Lab tests done for the patient during their treatment period associated
with the hospital
Module Highlights
Department Management
• This module deals with the end to end management of different departments in the
• The sub modules are Department Management, Investigation Management, Blood
Bank, Operation Theatre Management and Ward Management
• Provision to capture the Details of different departments in the hospital
• Provision to capture the Calendar activities in each department and allocation of
• Provision to manage Hospital General Information, Building Layout, Department
Management, Case Investigation Management, Ward Management, Bed Allocation
• Periodic case investigation and case study schedule and reports
• Management of Operation theatre availability and schedule
• Provision to maintain log on operation theatre usage, anesthesia record etc
• Provision to capture Blood bank status, inbound and outbound record for blood bank
• Provision to define the ward details allocated for the respective department and
tracking of patient allocation details for each wards
Module Highlights
Hospital Service Management
• This module deals with the end to end management of different services offered at the
• The sub modules are Service Management and Fees Management
• Provision to capture the Details of different services offered by the hospital
• Bundling of different services into packages on marketing perspective
• Fast introduction of services and lesser time for implementation
• End to End Fees Management of services offered
• Provision to capture the services offered as part of insurance and charity schemes
Fees Management
Account Heads
Parent Account
Transaction Amount
Fee Type
Transaction Mode:
Cash, DD etc
Fees Type
Account Head
Account Register Report
Period of Receipt
Receipt Number
Total Transactions
Module Highlights
Fees Management:
• Fees Management module deals with management of different fee types, management
of fees received and generation of receipts
• The sub modules are Account Heads, Fee, Receipts and Account Register
• Account Heads and account head hierarchy
• Provision for managing different fee types and corresponding account heads based on
user requirements
• Generation of the receipts based on the monetary transactions
• Cancellation of receipts and provision for adjustments
• Support for multiple currencies and multiple modes of payment like DD, cheques and
• Reports to view the monetary transactions in period or receipt number wise
• Account Register to view all the monetary transactions against each account heads for
a defined period
Medical Library Management
Library User Management
Library Catalog
Book Details
User Details
Contact Details
Circulation Management
CD Details
Borrowal History
Staff Profile Update
Book Circulated
Issue date and
Period of issue
Books Borrowed
Issue Renewal
Period of Issue
Penalty Details
Staff Profile
Module Highlights
Medical Library Management
• The module deals with management of library books and library users
• The sub modules are Library User Management, Library Catalog, Circulation
Management and Borrow History
• Library Member Management
• Library Catalogue - Medical Magazines, CDs, Research Papers etc
• Stock Management – library stock details, rack and no: of copies
• Book issue/renewal and Circulation
• Library fines and Penalty Details
• Report on Circulation list and member list
Module Highlights
Pharmacy Management:
• End to end management of Hospital Pharmacy
• The sub modules are Purchase Register, Usage Register, Sales Register and
• Support of maintaining the purchase register of stock for the hospital pharmacy
• Tracking the medical use of the stocks from Pharmacy with in the hospital
• Provision of capture the daily, weekly or period wise sales register from the pharmacy
• Support for multiple currencies and multiple modes of payment like Card and Cash
• Reports to view the monetary transactions in period or receipt number wise
• Billing and Invoicing
• Sale Reports
• Quotation
• Enquiry
• Supplier Information
• User Defined Re-order Alerting
• Damage or Expiry Stock Return Management
Module Highlights
Emergency Management
• End to end management of Emergency Services
• Enable emergency registration of patients by capturing key registration details.
• Schedule Emergency Appointments for critical patients and facilitate their admission on
a priority basis
• Record and view the various incident reports
Radiology Management
• Management of Radiology Lab Services
• Catalogue of X-Ray, Ultra sound, Scanning & other imaging tests etc
• Test results
• Pending Requests
• Uploading of Images
• Result Verification & Approval
Module Highlights
Lab Management:
• End to end management of the lab services in the hospital
• Provision to define and maintain different labs in the hospital
• Lab register for in house and patient related lab tests done in the hospital
• Lab Test Catalogue
• Lab Requisition & Lab Register
• Test Results & Lab Fee Management
• Result Verification & Approval
• Lamp Specimens and Specimen no:
• Samples Received from External Laboratory
• Samples Dispatch to External Reference Laboratory
• Investigation and Treatment History
Module Highlights
Doctor’s Workbench
• This module deals with the total management of doctor schedule and functioning
• Current and Future Appointment Management
• Doctor’s Pending List and Dashboards
• Medical Alerts
• Subjective/Objective Analysis
• Diagnosis & Assessment
• Prescriptions ,Lab/Radiology Requests
Module Highlights
Staff Management:
• The module manage the permanent and contract staff member details in the hospital
• Staff Profile Management
• Ward allocation and Shift Management
• Management of Staff schedule and working hours
• Payroll Management and Leave Management
• Reports on Staff activities and schedule
Module Highlights
Inventory Management:
• The module manage the inventory of assets and other items in the institute
• The sub modules are Asset Register, Purchase Register and Usage Register
• Total view of the assets used in the institute
• Register of purchases done and the related reports
• Usage Register for the tracking of the assets used from the inventory
Module Highlights
Alerts Management:
• The module manage the whole management of alerts on different activities done in the
• The sub modules are User Inbox and Alert Definition
• User In-box
• Alert Definition for defining the alerting for the event or activity
• Time/Event based alerts
• One Time/Recurring Alerts
Module Highlights
Canteen and Dietary Management:
• The module manage the whole management of Canteen and Dietary section in the
• Create the food items groups and food items available in the hospital kitchen.
• Captures the calorie count as well as the nutritional information of all food items.
• Meal Plans & Diet Advices
• Recipe and Preparation Manual Management
• Maintains the nutrition information of recipe items
• Day wise meal details and patient specific meal plan.
• Management of Kitchen order tickets
Module Highlights
Reports Management:
• Standard reports as well as custom reports
• Some of the Standard Reports are :
– Hospital Inpatient and Outpatient Dash Board
– Report of Department Wise cases
– Report of Special Cases
– Reports on Staff Register and Schedule
– Reports on Payroll Management
– Account Register
Module Highlights
• This module deal with the management of the user account and access rights in the
• System User Management
• Role based access control
• Data/Screen Level security
• Password Policy Management
• Audit Log Facility
Interfacing with In-house Systems:
• The system supports interfacing with third party systems for effectively managing the
• Increase the re-use of business logic with web services
• The system also supports interfacing with web portals to expose the system UI or data
• Interfacing is supported for exposing the product catalog to customer portals
• IMS architectural design supports seamless integration with other third part systems
• The system supports the migration of legacy system to HMS
Deployment Model
Deployment Models
Traditional System Setup
System 1
Multiple Systems
Centralized System Setup
Central Network
Centralized System
Key Features and Business Advantages
Key Product Features
Three tier architecture
Centralized Deployment Model
Central management of Operations and Data Management
Centralized tracking and visibility of multiple operation locations
Provision of capturing different system users and intended application profile levels
360 degree view and Management of patient life cycle
Provision for capturing staff details and management of their schedule and payroll
Capturing and managing fees under different user definable account heads and
generation of receipt for all monetary transactions
 Provision to define the offered services and their essential parameters
 Provision to generate standard set of reports
 Provision to manage labs and their maintenance records
Key Benefits
Anywhere Anytime access to data
No installation, upgrade or specific software required at client side
Easy-to-use ,attractive ,customizable, user-friendly Graphical User Interfaces
Global , holistic and consistent view of data for large hospital spread over multiple
branches/locations because of centralized database
 Easy decision making using inbuilt reports
 24*7 Availability
 Highly Scalable and optimal resource utilization because of 3-tier architecture
Business Advantages
Central Control and Management
Effectively Manage the Product Selection and configuration
Managing the patient management and life cycle efficiently
Short time to launch services and packages
Efficient management of Labs, rooms blood bank and operation theatre
Reduce data redundancy and reworks
Reduces Human Effort
Easy Implementation
Sample Screen Shots
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