14.2 Trade, Towns, & Financial Revolution

Trade, Towns, & Financial
Chapter 14 Section 2
I Growing Food Supply
• Euroipes great revival would be impossible without
• Warmer climatesfarming on lands once too cold to
farmnew farming methods
A. Using horsepower
• Ppl depended on Oxen to plow
fields because they were easy to
take care of
• Began to use horses because
they could plow 2x as much as
• Needed to develop new harness
for horse to use for plowing
• Developed harness that went
around the chest horses
replace oxen
B. Three Field System
• Villagers begin to organize farms diff.
Two Field System
Three Field System
II Trade & Finance Expand
• As agriculture expanded so did trade and finance
A. Fairs & Trade
• Most trade took plasce in towns in the form of fairs
• Fairs brought peasants from nearby manors to buy goods needed for daily life
• No longer were all goods produced ibn a self-sufficient manor
B. The Guilds
• Fairs were controlled bu guilds for each craft and trade
• Guild= an association of ppl who worked in the same occupation
• Guilds Controlled wages and price ogf their craft
• Enforced standards of quality
• Only masters could be guild members
• Child apprentice(5-9 yrs.)journeyman(worked for wages) until the could
make a Master Piece that met the guilds standardMaster
II Urban Splendor Reborn
A. Trade and Towns Grow Together
• Growing tradegrowing cities
• Ppl began to challenge feudal
system by leaving the manor
• Illegal for serfs
• Cities grew butunsanitary
• Towns under rule of feudal lords
until burghers organized
• Burghers= town dwellers
IV the Revival of Learning
• Growth of trades & citiesrenewal in interest of learning
• New European institution arose: the UINIVERSITY
A. Scholars & Writers
• University= anywhere a group of schalars
met and discussed ideas
• PEOPLE not building made up medieval
• While most scholars studies latin some poets
began to use vernacular
• Vernacular= everyday language of their
• Dante Alighieri writes The Divine Comedy
• Geoffrey Chaucer writes The Canterbury
Tales (English)
• These writers brought lit. to the masses
because many could not read or write latin
B. The Muslim Connection
• Crusades brought
Europeans into contact
with Muslims who had
preserved Greek writings
• Alexandrian Library
• Crusaders learned and
brought back superior
Muslim technology, ships,
navigation methods, &
C. Aquinas and Medieval Philosophy
• Could Christian schalars use Aristolt’es
logical approach to truth and still keep faith
in the Bible?
• Thomas Aquinas argues that most basin
religious truths could be proved by logical
• Summa Theologica= combines Greek thought
w/ Christian thought
• Scholastics= Aquinas and his followers
• Their teachings on law and gov’t influenced the
thinking of Europeans

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