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Off Campus Aggies Informational
OCA Officers
Will Griffin, President
Chesston Melcher, Director of Finance
Felysha Walker, Director of Information and Relations
Monica Aguilar, Director of Marketing and Communication
MaKenzie Calame, Fundraising Head
Easton Miller, Co-Director of Activities
Abby Becker, Co-Director of Activities
What does OCA do?
Mission: OCA is a social service
organization that helps off campus student
get connected to all things on campus! OCA
is a great way to meet new people &
provides many volunteer opportunities in
the Bryan & College Station area!
What does OCA do?
• Tentative Calendar for the semester:
• 2/9 – 1st General Meeting (every two weeks after)
• 2/17 – Social Movie Night
• 3/5 – Ice Skating
• 3/28 – Big Event
• 4/6 – 4/10 – OCSAW
• 4/11 – Habitat for Humanity
• 4/22 – Game Night
• 4/27 – Banquet
• Calendar can be found on website
Street Clean Up
OCA participates in adopt a street
which is located on Southwest
Off Campus Student Appreciation Week
Party in the Plaza
Grand Station
Free Breakfast
And more!
Road Signs
$35 for Farm to Market
$30 for Street Signs
General Meetings
• Every other Monday at 7pm in the POD in
Cain Hall (this room).
• First meeting is on February 9th
• Small service projects
• Giving back to community
Service Projects
Midterm Goodie-Bags
Neonatal ICU Blanket Crafting!
Membership Dues
$35/semester payable online or by cash
-Covers your shirt and all official OCA events
(OCSAW, socials, service activities)
Membership Applications
Due Tuesday 2/3 by 5pm
Applications can be found on the website:
Submitting the application will
send you to the interview sign
up page
Interview Process!
• You must go through an interview to become a
member of OCA
• Interviews will be happening February 3rd - 5th in
MSC L520 6:30 – 8:30 PM
• The dress code is casual to reflect the atmosphere
of the interview. We just want to get to know
• Interviews will conducted by two officers and will
be about 15 minutes in length.
• The link for sign ups can be found on the website
Why join OCA?
• Interact with people and make friends!
• Give back to the community through a
variety of service projects
• Connect with on campus events
• Become a Student Leader in a University
Sponsored Organization
• Officer Elections this semester
How to Creep on us:
• Website: ocatamu.weebly.com
• Twitter: @OffCampusAggies
• Facebook: Off Campus Aggies
• Vine: Off Campus Aggies
• Instagram: offcampusaggies
Thanks and Gig ‘EM

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