What is a charity?

What is a
What is a charity?
A charity is an organisation set up to help and raise
money for those in need
Charities usually raise money through donations
and have volunteers that help
Some charities you may have
heard of
Charities rely on money raised through fundraising
to continue doing their work and helping people
They often raise money
through fundraising events
like fun runs, cake sales
and active challenges like
parachute jumps!
CLIC Sargent
CLIC Sargent is the UK’s leading cancer charity for
children and young people, and their families
Through our work we help children and young
people cope with cancer and get the most out of life
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How CLIC Sargent helped in 2011/12
We provided support to over 6,200 children and
young people with cancer
Our nurses supported around 1,000 children with
cancer and their families
We awarded 4,828 grants with a total value of
nearly £1 million to help families with the extra
costs a cancer diagnosis brings
Can you help us?
All our services are free of charge to the families we
We rely on voluntary
donations, including
fundraising events,
to allow us to
continue our vital
Some fun things you can do
Get sponsored to practice
your musical, singing and
dancing skills and help
children and young people
with cancer at the same
Some fun things you can do
Kick! for CLIC Sargent
Organise any football event
you like; penalty-shooting,
goal-scoring, five-a-side
games, kick-up challenges,
the options are endless!
Then use your event to help
raise money for CLIC Sargent
Our school event
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going to be running at your school
Thank you!
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