The Power Of Media During The Cold War

Chris Abele
John Bourgeois
Mike Connolly
• To many, the Cold War began
immediately after WW2 and ended in
1945. The two main adversaries were
the United States and the Soviet Union.
Though some argue that the Cold War
began as early as 1904 and ended as
late as 1991, it is most widely accepted
that the war only lasted the years
mentioned first. During this time,
propaganda was widely used by both
sides. People began a fear of
widespread communism, a.k.a. The Red
Scare. Propaganda had a big part of this.
Propaganda used by both sides greatly
affected the outcome of the war.
• The cold war was a war that was fought with words and ideas
instead of guns and weapons(
• During this period in time, both the Soviet Union and the
United States had very different views on things. Soviets
believed in a communist country while the U.S. believed in
• This war was also fought through espionage, weapons
development, industrialization, technological development,
and propaganda.
One way the Soviets used propaganda against the U.S. was through propaganda posters.
These posters were used to make the enemy look bad and gain public support.
This Poster, entitled
“Boevoi Karandash” was
an anti –Semitist and
anti- U.S. Poster that
makes these groups
appear war crazy and
This poster was created to make
Soviets appear hard working and
human. The poster also make one of
our most patriotic characters, Uncle
Sam, appear as a demon. This poster
leads people to believe that the U.S. is
This poster shows the
powerful Soviet stopping the
little, evil looking U.S. man
from spreading democracy.
The Soviets were not the only ones to use propaganda posters during the Cold War. The U.S.
fought back with anti -Soviet posters.
This poster shows the
Soviet women surrendering
her ideals to the U.S.
This poster shows an evil
looking Soviet trying to sneak
into the United States.
This picture shows the difference
between the happy U.S. way of
life and the deadly Soviet Way.
In the Cold war, cartoons were used to make fun of the enemy and make them appear evil.
This cartoon shows Vasilid
Sokolovsky , a soviet leader,
controlling his people like
puppets. This cartoon is
supposed to show the
American people that
communism is total control.
This cartoon makes fun of
soviet leader Kruschev by
making him appear fat
and goofy. It also shows
that the Soviet
government is based on
propaganda and injustice.
In the Cold War, the Soviets also used cartoons to make the U.S. look silly and evil.
This cartoon was created to make
Winston Churchill, a British leader and
U.S. ally, look like a monster. The Soviet
lady is pointing and scaring the baby,
which represents the Soviets . This
cartoon was designed to scare the
Soviets into hating America and it’s allies.
This cartoon was created to scare the U.S.
into thinking that the Soviets numbers were
huge and growing.
Today, propaganda is used just as much and in the same way that it has been for hundreds of
years. Though today we are fighting a new enemy, the tactics of making the enemy look evil
and foolish remain the same.
U.S. Propaganda
Iraqi Propaganda

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