Cornell Notes

Cornell Notes
Visual Communications and Computer Applications
Ms. Harris – Stewart Middle School
Essential Question – how can
my Cornell Notes help me get
better grades?
Repetition – repeat something over and over.
1st repetition - 10 min. first time writing down.
2nd repetition – review notes 24 hours later.
3rd repetition – look over 7 days later.
Questions/Main Ideas
In this section:
Chunk the notes.
Write a question for each chunk.
Try to anticipate questions that could be
on a test. Give each an asterisk.
In this section:
Take notes from lesson.
Circle the key words.
Highlight and underline the main ideas.
Make lines from chunks to questions.
In this section – bring it all together:
Read all questions
Answer each question.
Sentences in summary should match the
questions in the notes.
Use fold over
Ask teacher
Study, revise,
and compare
notes with
friends –
Fun Cornell Notes Video
This is a fun student-made video about
Cornell Notes – enjoy!
Choose your favorite 3 lessons
from the semester and create
Cornell Notes for each.
You will be adding
these 3 Cornell
Notes to your Best
Works PowerPoint
Presentations. Once
you have created
your notes
photograph them
and then upload to
your PowerPoint.
Keep working on
the Best Works
presentation so that
you can use it for
your Student Led
Conference at the
end of this week.

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