Fun Facts about shel silverstein

 Shel Silverstein was married once, but it ended in
divorce. His wife Suzan died June 29, 1975 after the
divorce. He had one daughter named Shoshanna born
June 30, 1970 and a son named Matthew born in 1984.
 Shel Silverstein's full name is Sheldon Allan
Silverstein, but is known as Shel Silverstein or Uncle
 Shel Silverstein was born in Chicago, Ilinois on
September 25, 1930.
 His parents were Nathan and Helen Silverstein
 Shel graduated from Roosevelt High and attended the
University of Ilinois, but was kicked out of school after
a year. He had majored in art.
 He divided his time between Greenwich Village, Key
West, Sausalito, and Martha's Vineyard
 One of Shel Silverstein's favorite hobbies was music.
He actually wrote some hit songs. One of these is 'A
Boy Named Sue', which was performed by the late
Johnny Cash.
Shel Silverstein began drawing cartoons while
serving in the Army
It took 4 years to get one of his most popular
books, THE GIVING TREE, published because of
its sad ending.
Silverstein's narration of his poetry collection
Award for Best Children's Album.
Silverstein illustrated his own poems with black
and white
Born: 25-Sep-1930
Birthplace: Chicago, IL
Died: 10-May-1999
Location of death: Key West, FL
Cause of death: Heart Failure
Remains: Buried, Westlawn Cemetery, Chicago, IL
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