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Reinventing the game
Summary of What’s Included
 TopGolf Concept Overview
 What is TopGolf
 Who are our customer and what are they saying…
 Breaking down golf’s barriers
 TopGolf Outreach Initiatives
What is TopGolf?
An all-weather sports and entertainment
complex built around:
a unique and highly visual “real” golf
experience played on a 250 yard landing area
Patent protected technology gaming system
that allows players to compete in friendly
scoring competitions for players of all ages
and skill levels
Immediate, “Real-time” shot yardage
Tour quality golf balls embedded with
microchips that personalize each ball
A fun place, where friends, families, children
and groups, can spend time, play, compete,
dine, and have fun
What Makes TopGolf Unique?
 TopGolf is the first development in golf that provides a wholesome, family oriented
entertainment destination and access to a “restricted” sport for players of all skill
levels and income brackets
 Unlike a typical driving range facility which only attracts “golfers”, TopGolf utilizes
cutting edge technology to provide “real-time” shot feedback and transform the
typical driving range into a competitive and social destination and experience for
both golfers and non-golfers of all ages.
 Because one can “keep score”, the social experience is analogous to bowling.
Families, teenagers, women, children, young professionals and senior citizens all
congregate at TopGolf
 TopGolf is based upon patented technology
TopGolf is Patented Technology
 TopGolf was made possible by the invention of
the proprietary and patented I.D. Ball System.
 Each TopGolf ball contains an embedded
programmable RFID silicon microchip which is
coded and assigned to an individual player.
 The chip does not affect the weight or flight
performance of the golf ball.
 The ball coding combined with sensors in outfield
targets provide instant and precise yardage and
location feedback.
 This feedback is translated into points, thereby
allowing players to compete against one another
in various games and more serious golfers to
practice and hone their skills and compete at a
higher level.
Facts About TopGolf
TopGolf has 6 operating facilities around the world, including 3 in the United States (Dallas, Chicago and
Washington DC) and 3 in the United Kingdom (Greater London).
TopGolf is opening its second facility in the Metroplex in Allen, TX in May 2011
The first TopGolf facility opened in 2000 in Watford, England, and has attracted over 1.5 million visitors
since inception.
TopGolf Game Centers are all weather, complete golf entertainment facilities with covered and heated
bays, spectator seating, dining and teaching facilities.
TopGolf uses TopFlite balls manufactured by Callaway Golf Company that contain embedded RFID
About TopGolf customers:
TopGolf facilities attract, on average, over 200,000 customers per year.
Over 70% of TopGolf customers consider themselves to be “non-golfers.”
70% of TopGolf customers are under the age of 40, 50% are under the age of 30.
TopGolf’s respective community outreach initiatives are attracting teenagers and children, particularly
those who otherwise would not have the means or access to learn and enjoy the game of golf.
TopGolf: How it works
The player aims to hit the ball out into one of the 11 self-contained “green sized” circular
targets that range from 25 to 250 yards or greater in distance.
TopGolf: How it works
Immediate, accurate yardage and location feedback visually displayed on
flat projection screens in each hitting bay
What Our Customers Are Saying
“If I had TopGolf where I grew up, I would have won 5 US Opens.”
-Larry Nelson, 1983 US Open Champion
“I hit the first shot of my life playing TopGolf a few weeks ago and now
I’m addicted.”
-TopGolf Customer, Washington Post Feature
“TopGolf is the holy grail of golf entertainment.”
- TopGolf Customer, TopGolf Dallas Yelp website
“TopGolf is so fun that it makes you want to come back. I’ve been here
six times since my first visit. I just wish it had been around when I was
growing up in Baltimore, because I might’ve been Tiger Woods.”
-TopGolf Customer, Sports Illustrated Feature
TopGolf Media Commentary
“TopGolf is livening up the driving range to do what
Tiger Woods once seemed poised to do but hasn’t:
Grow and Diversify the Game of Golf.”
-Sports Illustrated, September 2005 Print Edition
“TopGolf transforms the typical driving range,
creating a high-tech family entertainment center
that’s bringing new customers onto the links.”
-Business 2.0 Magazine, October 2006
“Imagine kids free to laugh and explore the game of
golf at the same time. Imagine the whole family
able to eat and play. That would be the kind of
revolution golf needs.”
-Pros N’ Hackers Magazine,
(“A Golf Revolution” Cover Story, July 2005)
TopGolf Media Coverage
TopGolf has attracted a selection of unsolicited media coverage from such notable platforms as Sports Illustrated,
ESPN, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, The Chicago Tribune, CBS Evening News, CNBC, WGN,
Business 2.0 Magazine, The Discovery Channel, and The Dallas Morning News.
TopGolf Breaks Down Golf’s Barriers
 TopGolf eliminates the traditional entry barriers to Golf, which have been found to
discourage new players, particularly youth, from learning the game:
Golf Participation Barrier:
TopGolf’s Solution:
“Golf is intimidating”
• TopGolf provides a fun, non-intimidating way to learn
how to swing a golf club for beginners of all skill levels
“Golf is too slow for children”
• TopGolf provides a game-like environment with
instant results visually displayed on a flat screen
“Golf takes too much time,
especially for children”
• One Game (20 balls) takes 15 minutes
“Golf is too expensive”
• TopGolf is a fraction of the cost of playing 18 holes of
golf (players can play for as little as $3.00)
“Children do not own golf
• TopGolf provides free full sets of club rentals for all
TopGolf Has Mass Market Appeal
TopGolf is a fun concept that appeals to people of all ages and skill levels:
Everyone plays at TopGolf: children, Moms, Dads, teenagers, young professionals,
school groups, church groups, corporate groups – avid golfers, casual golfers, and
Over 100,000 schoolchildren will visit our six TopGolf sites this year
Over 50% of all customers are under the age of 30
TopGolf is a fun learning activity
TopGolf appeals to young females, traditionally an
underserved demographic group in golf
Examples of TopGolf Outreach Initiatives
Elementary School Outreach – TopGolf has hosted dozens of Physical Education classes and field trips
from local public elementary schools in the greater Dallas, Chicago and Washington DC areas, and has
specifically targeted underprivileged and underserved school districts. TopGolf is already working closely
with forward-thinking, golf-related organizations such as The First Tee and other youth oriented initiatives
to help incorporate golf instruction into the overall PE programs for public school children. TopGolf
Arlington will develop its own local school outreach program, that will include working with Arlington ISD
but also other organizations involved with underprivileged youth.
Charitable Fundraising Sponsorship – TopGolf continues to sponsor and host charitable fundraising events
at all of its locations such as Susan G. Komen Cancer Foundation, United States Liver Foundation, and
Leukemia & Lymphoma Society
Organized Practice Sessions – TopGolf provides supervised instruction during the week and weekend for
children under the age of 12, with the focus on helping children develop their golf game under our top
instructors without the cost of private and group lessons.
Ladies Nights / Practice Sessions – TopGolf is committed to providing an un-intimidating, supportive, fun
and social environment for women to learn the game of golf but also have time to socialize and meet
other women (ideal for mother’s who have their children at TopGolf’s organized practice sessions!)
TopGolf is already a destination for school groups
To give some examples, below are specific organizations that have held special and
ongoing events, field trips and team building exercises at our TopGolf facilities:
 Dallas Independent School District
 Plano School District
 Allen School District
 Lake Highlands High School Men’s and Women’s Golf Team (Dallas, TX)
 Georgetown University Women’s Golf Team
 George Mason University Men’s Golf Team
 Fairfax County VA Public School System
 Arlington County VA Public School System
Feedback from a 3rd Grade Halloween field trip to
Junior Camp Class at TopGolf Dallas

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